Air Cleansing Course

After watching the video above, I'm sure you realise indoor air pollution is a genuine health threat to you and your family. I offer simple solutions to combat the sources so you can breathe healthy, clean air.

Health & Safety is Cool! Kind of...

Fire Exit Plan for Home Safety Essentials

Fire Exit Plan for Home Safety Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this fire exit...

Homemade Cockroach Repellent Natural Remedies

Homemade cockroach repellent solutions It’s highly likely that cockroaches will survive the apocalypse. They have already survived for millions of...

Dangers of scented candles – indoor air pollution

Dangers of scented candles: the TRUTH Candles are a wonderful pastime that dates back 5,000 years. Heck, it doesn’t seem...


When I'm not occupied with the daily runnings of my business and working full-time as an HS&E Advisor at Rolls-Royce, I dedicate my time to writing. It's escapism for me.

With a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, I'm constantly thinking of ways to engage my readers on the unbreakable link between us and the environment.

All of my short books are intended for you to take easy, actionable steps to better your life. For example, simple product ideas to safe-proof your home and avoid accidents, and natural remedies for pest control, avoiding the use of harsh synthetic chemicals.

Just click the author page button below to see my collection.

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