Plume air report app device analysis

Plume air report app device analysis
Pollution Status Battery Status Air Filters Leather Strap Air sensor

Pollution Status

PlumeLabs air quality

The set of LED lights is different from the single-dot LED for battery status. They form a circle and will start to flash and rotate when the device is taking a measurement.

There is also a purple colour for super high pollution concentrations, but I've never experienced this firsthand, only when the data is synced to the app.

Battery Status

The red light means the battery is low. When the device has a medium charge, it'll be yellow, although I don't think the yellow is that obvious; maybe I'm colourblind! Either way, it's not a big deal as when the device is fully charged, it's green and that's pretty obvious.

The 'yellow' almost looks 'whitish' to me but is synonymous to medium-charge in my brain.

Check out the short video clip as an example for pollution status.

In this example, you'll see the status is 'Green', which means low air pollution.

Air Filters

Plume air report app

So the Flow is loaded with tonnes of these little holes which allows for the passage of air. In fact, so long as the device has charge, it'll draw in the air constantly, with a little internal fan spinning at 15,000 RPM!

This effectively controls air intake so the devices is never stagnant, which reduces the risk of it becoming blocked with dust.

Leather Strap

Personally, I hooked the Flow through my rucksack but I see no reason why you couldn't do something similar with a push pram or bicycle handlebars.

If you can think of something else, go for it!

Air sensor

Plume air report app

As the air and pollutants come through the device, they'll be categorized as either nitrogen dioxide, VOCs or PM.

Flow creates electrical signals that send quantitative data to the companion app that's read on your end as an AQI - air quality index score. The higher the number, the poorer the air quality.

For example, an AQI of below 20 is low and registered as green.