Introducing the best nasal dilator for snoring

A man snoring, showing the need for a nasal dilator
It's time for a nasal dilator...

I like to think of new product ideas for others if I can first solve medical hindrances of my own. I figure, if it works for me, it can work for others. One of them is nasal congestion. Just like so many others, I have weak nasal passages, which worsen as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have no choice but to open my mouth or face imminent death!

Only kidding.

But I seriously can’t breathe that well through my nose at night. I’m a mouth breather and I ain’t proud of it. So I wanted to introduce the best nasal dilator for snoring and congestion relief.

Why did I create the dilator?

For a start, I can’t breathe too well through my nose, so that forms the majority of my motivation. But I recently read online that mouth breathing is bad for your health. You see, it dries out your mouth and throat, which is bad for your teeth and gums. I must admit, it doesn’t feel nice waking up in the morning with a seriously dry mouth.

Plus the stinky breath.

Problems with current nasal dilators 

In my quest for the perfect dilator, I feel there was no better way to gain valuable information than to listen to you guys – the customer. These were the typical results:

  • Too many sizes – a lot of packages come with 4 or 5 sizes, and only one will fit your nose, so the rest seems like a waste of money
  • Colourless – they look a bit bland, not to mention easy to lose if they’re a transparent white. If you place it on the bathroom sink or your white bedsheets, you might be on the hunt for a while!
  • No instructions – this ain’t rocket since but a little guidance is appreciated, right? I get what you’re saying. Customers were unsure about how long the dilators last, what to clean them with etc.
  • Too expensive – people felt hard done by when they buy a set with a variety of sizes. Essentially, you’ve just paid $12-$15 for ONE dilator and the rest you’ll never use
  • Allergic – whatever material some sellers were using, some customers took an allergic reaction or at least found it uncomfortable in the nostrils

What makes Honey Gusto’s different? 

I’ve read hundreds of product reviews on Amazon and eBay. I wanted to see what was good about existing brands and what was not so good. This is what you’ll get:

  1. One size fits all – our dilator comes in one size and one size only, which is a massive cost-saver because you’ll get to use all the dilators you buy. If maintained well, expect 1-2 months out of each dilator. In our product, you get 4 in a pack
  2. Coloured – I’m launching with just one colour for now, but I think I’ll create a variety soon, especially if you guys want it. The first colour is gold-like. Not only does it look better, but is easily identifiable
  3. Instructions – the best nasal dilator for snoring wouldn’t be complete without a handy A5 instruction leaflet. It will include how to store it, what to expect in the first week etc. AND it’s not just an instruction leaflet (which comes in the box by the way) because you’re also getting a PDF bonus document with every purchase. It’s a sleep improvement checklist, and the cover is shown below
  4. Competitively priced – I’m listing my product at the average price for one on Amazon UK: £9.99. But I think this is such a good deal because it’s going to last you for an average of 6-7 months with the 4 dilators
  5. Hypoallergenic – and this is verified by a lab testing service I had conducted with AQF: Asia Quality Focus, ensuring we comply with the health & safety regulations, including REACH (specific for chemicals to ensure all in question are within safe limits in the European Union). Right now, because the product will only initially launch in AMazon UK, I’ve only carried out EU safety compliance testing. When I get around to launching in America, I’ll conduct the applicable testing. Now how many Amazon sellers can say they’ve lab tested?

The Honey Gusto nasal dilator is composed of a soft silicone get, which is food-grade and FDA-approved. There is no latex, BPA or phthalates in this chemically neutral product. We’ve adjusted the hardness slightly to have a nice blend of comfort and stability. Some dilators are extra soft, but a little too flimsy so they don’t provide sufficient nasal expansion. Or they’re too hard and downright uncomfortable. We’ve placed ours right in the middle.

Visual effects of the nasal dilator inserted
Get ample amounts of oxygen to the brain and the lungs

When will the nasal dilator be available?

I’ll let you know soon enough. For starters, I recommend checking out my article on ‘Is snoring bad for your health?’ because I’ve embedded the link for you to easily download the sleep improvement checklist. It’s important to adopt many of the correct habits, all of which are attainable through natural means. Coupled with the best nasal dilator for snoring, you’re onto a sleep-wining combo.

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Hello everyone, I'm Donald Eide, founder of Honey Gusto. We specialize in the manufacturing and selling of medical devices and supplies. Our purpose is to have these devices available to everyone across the globe. We make the process simple. Nobody want's to be overwhelmed when they buy a medical product, whether that be an allergy test kit or an earwax removal product. We've got you covered with user simplicity. It could be a custom-designed instructional comic, 2-D animated video or a live product demonstration. We ditched the old-fashioned black and white instruction leaflet and introduced an engaging way to learn. All our instructions are simple to understand. And trust me, they aren't boring. You can rest assure that you will have a stress-free experience with our products, whilst picking up new skills and knowledge on health and well-being. You can feel proud knowing you can manage the health of yourself and your family. That's my goal for everyone who uses our products. I wish you all the very best of health. Donald Eide


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