Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Describing my journey in creating my own health & wellness brand. Including what inspired me and what I intend to do in the future. Hopefully, it will give you inspiration also.

Environmental health blog posts coming your way

Environmental health blog posts to be added soon
Holistic approach When we don't treat the environment with respect, it throws it right back in our face. And rightly so. The Earth was here first! We share this rare planet with some 8.3 million species. It’s not just us, yet sometimes it feels that way. . . Traffic-related air emissions, agriculture, plastic pollution, etc. Anthropogenic (a fancy way of...

DIY Health Kit. Why stop at earwax blockage?

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So I’m sure you were glad to hear I got the earwax sussed out. And trust me, I’ll be even gladder that you flushed away your problem, literally. . . So, what else is there? I’m glad you asked. Because I know you don’t want it to end with earwax removal, right? You’d probably like to know what else is in...

Smart earwax removal for improving your health

The earwax problem that lead me to creating Honey Gusto, and smart earwax removal
Okay, I’m going to paint an ugly picture in your mind. Well, it's not that bad, but it’s for effect. Regardless, it led to my smart earwax removal technique. Tricky earwax I had really clogged up ears, so much so that it lessened my hearing. My perception had decreased, and heck, I don't think my balance was all that great either. But...