Singapore air quality data all mapped out

Singapore air quality data
https://vimeo.com/384872718 Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post: https://honeygusto.com/flow-air-monitor  Video commentary: So, I wanted to just give you a running commentary of the recent mapping exercise I did for Singapore air quality data. This is where we started, in Orchard. You'll see that's the York Hotel on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side what...

Plume air report app and Flow device

Plume air report app
https://vimeo.com/382544672 Transcription:  I wanted to introduce to you the air pollution personal exposure monitoring device. It's by PlumeLabs and it's called Flow. I got it for £119. I got it shipped out here to Singapore and I'm going to conduct a fun set of exercises around air pollution mapping in Singapore. I'll write some blog articles on it, a couple of...

Why is plastic bad for your health?

Plastic pollution and environmental health
Like I did with my Air Cleansing Course, I'm offering you guys a complete chapter of my new Kindle book I'll be releasing very soon: Drowning in Plastic. This chapter answers the question of why is plastic bad for your health. Inconclusive Evidence This is a tricky one because we don’t know the effects of plastics on human health. But...