Sunday, August 9, 2020

Snore Report Analysis With SnoreLab

Snore report
To snore or not to snore I wanted to expand on the video (see below) to talk more about the SnoreLab app, where you can hear, measure, and track you snoring, and share the snore report, which initially I thought you could download as a CVS file. However, this can't be done. I thought you could email the results from...

Does ASMR help you sleep naturally?

Does ASMR help with sleep
Wouldn't it be great to just nod off at a click of the fingers? Well, you wouldn't be alone: 40 million American’s suffer the same problem; insomnia being the most common cause. And when you reach the age of 65, there’s a 50% chance you’ll have some form of sleep disorder. Does ASMR help you sleep? Let's find out... It’s...

Introducing the best nasal dilator for snoring

A man snoring, showing the need for a nasal dilator
I like to think of new product ideas for others if I can first solve medical hindrances of my own. I figure, if it works for me, it can work for others. One of them is nasal congestion. Just like so many others, I have weak nasal passages, which worsen as soon as my head hits the pillow. I...

Is snoring bad for your health?

Is snorning bad for your health?
A lot of people think of snoring as just a minor nuisance and a lot of the time, they're right. Especially if it's occasional snoring, it isn't bad or unhealthy. The reality is, you may have a grumpy partner form time to time but that's it. However, habitual snorers are different. This is something we need to address... What is snoring? Okay,...

Sleeping Pills Risk, and A Natural Alternative Remedy

Sleep apnea along with medical conditions can result in a poor nights sleep.
Sleep is incredibly important for our health. If you have a good nights sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed, in a better mode and more focused. On the other hand, if you get a bad nights sleep, especially on a consistent basis, you won't just feel tetchy. It will bring on a whole raft of problems, including high blood...