Cure vertigo fast with simple exercises at home

Cure vertigo fast

Understanding vertigo

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So I wanted to introduce this article to you around my experience with vertigo exercises that you can do at home. I want to, first of all, talk about why do you have vertigo? The main causes of vertigo … And an important point to bear in mind is that vertigo is a symptom.

It’s not a disease. You’re not necessarily diagnosed with vertigo. You’re diagnosed with something else that’s causing vertigo, and a similar concept with dizziness. So the main condition is called B.P.P.V, that’s benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Bit of a mouthful, so we’ll go with BPPV.

Tiny calcite crystals…

Now what’s happened here is concerning tiny calcium deposits. Believe it or not, you have these little ear rocks inside your ear, and they’re called canaliths. They’re made of calcite, so calcium carbonate. And they’re responsible for enhancing those sound signals that are coming in from the external environment and re-packaging them as electrical signals to go to your brain.

Now, if those signals are weakened, then your brain is out of sync, and it will miss-coordinate and it can result in you being off balance. So these little calcite crystals, the canaliths, they can come loose sometimes in your ear. Maybe you’d be playing sports, maybe you’ve headed the ball one too many times in football, it could be numerous things. You may have knocked out the crystals and not even realize it at the time of impact or whatever. It could happen in a car crash, would be another example.

So if those crystals are out of place, then these sound signals, and therefore electrical signals are weakened. Because your inner ear is responsible for coordinating balance in your entire body. If you’ve ever had an ear infection before, which has maybe resulted in a perforated eardrum, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ve experienced that before. I recall vividly when I was 17 years old, I had a perforated the eardrum and I genuinely felt very off balance.

And I remember taking the next day off school, and I walked down to the doctors and I genuinely was walking very slowly. I didn’t feel great either, I was still unwell. But I remember feeling very lethargic, off-balance and dizzy.

Cure vertigo fast

So what we can do with these natural movements at home is use them repositioning exercises. Meaning, move the canaliths back into position. We will be moving these calcite crystals into a place in our ear that will cause us to NOT be off-balance anymore. Honestly, you can cure vertigo fast this way, with minimal effort.

I know it sounds a little crazy. It seems too simplistic. But the simplest of things can make the biggest of differences, right? The Dizziness and Vertigo course claims to cure vertigo fast with simple exercises but doesn’t dive into the physiological details.

But to be honest I’m good with that. From the research I’ve looked at, I don’t need to know any more than that from the course. And for me, they worked. Moreover, you don’t need any equipment for these exercises; we’re going to be doing basic head and neck movements. That’s it. We don’t need to do anything else.

And we’ll be strengthening the head and the neck muscles and pumping blood and oxygen back into the head and the ears. And therefore also moving these calcite crystals into optimal possession that will relieve our vertigo and dizziness. That’s all that we need. We forget that we live a sedentary lifestyle where even the most basic of movements and stretches are lost in our society. We clock in and clock out, we do a 9-5 shift, and we don’t even do these basic stretches.

Vertigo infographic


Cure vertigo fast with the following…

Does it sound too good to be true? I think, in this case, it really is too good AND true. And so I will demonstrate for you in the next video, the basic exercises, some of the neck exercises we can do just from sitting. I can do the exercises right now whilst simply sitting at the desk. I performed each one of them a laid out in detail my apartment set-up in this article.

A couple of others may require a stool, a sit-up mat/towels, or if you’ve got a carpeted floor to cushion your back. But you don’t need to buy anything. This implies you have some basic furniture in your home! We have to lay on our back for a couple of exercises. But they’re very basic. But that’s the key thing is, if you have vertigo, chances are, 93% of the time is going to be BPPV.

And all we need to do is these canalith repositioning exercises to get yourself back into sync. In the off chance, it could be something like a neurological problem. It could be something like MS, it could be the result of a stroke or heart attack. Therefore, most of the time we can address them with basic exercises.

Another thing, it could be is Meniere’s Disease, a very, very rare case of ear condition. But only 0.2% of the entire world’s population has Meniere’s Disease. And the vast majority of cases are going to occur in the older population, 50, 60 plus years old. So most of the time we can cure your vertigo with these basic exercises. Stay tuned for that next video.

The price of the Dizinnes & Vertigo course seems to vary slightly, as of right now it retails at $49.89. I still think it’s worth it since you’ll have the exercises and knowledge for life. If you want to check out the programme, click here.

Vertigo exercises in action


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