Diabetes quiz type 1 and next steps

diabetes quiz type 1

Diabetes quiz type 1

Take the diabetes type 1 quiz as much as you like šŸ™‚

Wait, there are more tips!

Here’s how we’ll target the belly fat for type II diabetes…

If you click the link Fat Burning Foods you’ll get instant access to another infographic.

You might be thinking, why have you got a list of fat-burning foods for diabetes, or specifically, why does obesity cause type II diabetes?

They’re good questions.

And I’ll answer it with simple science.

Don’t worry, we don’t need high school level biology here.

So, when you overeat, you’re filling your body and cells with excess nutrients. More than your cells know what to do with. They enter into a state of panic.

SOS mode.

Your cells lessen the effects of the insulin receptors. That’s bad because insulin breaks down blood sugar. And we know the higher the blood sugar, the greater the chance of you entering a diabetic-state.

You can check out the diagram below that shows insulin at work for cells…

diabetes quiz type 1

In other words, insulin helps clear sugar from your body.

If the don’t have insulin, then all this glucose/sugar is lingering in your blood, unable to be broken down. You can see this in the ‘Type II Diabetes’ image withĀ all the glucose outside the cell.

diabetes quiz

The diabetes industry is $325 billionĀ and they cater for diabetics or pre-diabetics that don’t know how to rectify the health hazard. Many diabetics assume they’ll never go blind, lose a limb or enter a diabetic coma.

It’s more common than you think.

1 in 4 diabetics has an amputation.

But eating the right types of foods can reverseĀ type II diabetes.

Yup, you heard that right.


Bring your blood glucose to a healthy range; that of a non-diabetic!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you immediately ditch your diabetes meds. Leave that for a consultation with your doctor.

But did you ever consider that after eating the right foods, at your next consultation, your doctor may give you the best news you’ve heard in ages?

That you can come off your diabetes meds šŸ™‚

Because I guarantee, you willĀ NEVERĀ reverse your diabetes with a prescription or over-the-counter drugs. That ain’t happening.

We do it with the right types of food.

I’ll give you more tips and tricks for diabetes management on the blog and via email.

Take care.

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