Ear Wax Removal Procedure At Home Guide

The four key features: jet tip, leak-proof rubber seal, medical-grade silicone tubing, splash-back guard
Figure A- the key features of the earwax irrigation kit

It may seem like a daunting process. You’re bringing a device into your home that used to be stored only in doctors practices. But not anymore! This is 2020, after all… Here’s our simple ear wax removal procedure.

Nowadays people are taking their health far more seriously. They’re willing to be more independent, pick up new skills to manage ailments and improve the health of themselves and their families. And let’s be honest, I’m talking about an earwax irrigation kit here, not an x-ray machine! If I can do this, so can you.

But first, let’s see if you’re a suitable candidate for earwax irrigation:

  • Perforation of the eardrum
  • Previous ear surgeries
  • Current ear infections, or reoccurring ear infections
  • Reoccurring acute vertigo (dizziness)
  • Children under the age of 12
  • A foreign object stuck in the ear (anything other than earwax)

These would be the main ones to be aware of, but if you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, then you’ll want to avoid irrigation. Certainly, consult your doctor first anyway.

Okay, so let’s get right to it with this ear wax removal procedure 2-part comic. You’ll be set up before you know it. That’s part 1 of the demonstration, and it’s definitely worthwhile to have assistance. Doing this yourself isn’t mission impossible, but we highly recommend you have a friend or family member lend a hand.

Comic Ear Irrigation

Being seated for the process is highly advised to avoid falling if you get dizzy. Now, if you’re using the correct temperature of the water, this is highly unlikely to be an issue and your body will feel very comfortable. But cold water entering your ear can come as quite a shock, and increase the chances of vertigo. It’s harsh dizziness that’s caused by abnormalities in the ear. Sending cold water down the ear canal most certainly fits the bill of abnormal!

And that’s you. As an added precaution, stay seated for a couple of minutes just in the off chance you feel a tad dizzy. But it’s highly unlikely. Also, for hygiene purposes, you’ll want to dispose of the jet tip after 1 usage, i.e. one jet tip per person. You can use the same tip for each ear, but that’s as far as the usage should go.

As a preparatory step, we recommend applying eardrops because they help to soften the wax. Apply the drops twice a day for up to 5 days before you start irrigation. And that’s you; if you’d like your own irrigation kit, you can find it on at a discounted price here.

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