Solving the effects of indoor air pollution

effects of indoor air pollution

Can this course REALLY relieve allergies, asthma and eczema at home?


A comprehensive guide to remedying the world’s largest environmental health risk: the effects of indoor air pollution

Dear health-conscious individuals,

I know you want what’s best for you and your family. And what’s more important to our health than the air we breathe? This course provides a cost-effective method to cleanse your home of air pollution, naturally. With fresh air comes:

  • Improved cognitive ability
  • Healthy lungs
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Alleviation of allergic skin reactions
  • Control over your asthma
  • AND MANY MORE health benefits

The hidden killer

Air is different to, say, water and food. If we see there is mould on a piece of bread, or our water is murky, we leave it alone. We don’t consume it.

It’s very easy to avoid.

But the air isn’t. We can’t exactly run away from it and are forced to breathe in those harmful pollutants. You see, air pollution causes 8 million premature deaths each year. The World Health Organization has labelled it the world’s largest environmental health issue.

This isn’t restricted to outdoors. Most people associate pollution for outdoor environments with cars, planes and industry. What if I told you the effects of indoor air pollution are worse? More people die from indoor air pollution compared to outdoors.

Well, it’s true.

4.3 million indoors vs. 3.7 million outdoors.


Don’t just take my word for it. Look at what Harvard University’s School for Health Building Programme says:

“Air quality may have a big impact on your everyday productivity”.

An indoor species

Ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome? It’s where your health gradually deteriorates during the working week. You came in fresh on Monday and are leaving on Friday feeling congested, lethargic and wheezy. Do you feel like this when you’re in the office? Because I certainly did. Headaches, respiratory problems and nasal congestion, they all come from poor quality air.

Synthetic office building materials emit VOCs: volatile organic compounds that have numerous health problems. And your home is no exception. It’s probably worse due to poor airflow.

So, what do you do after work? Well, chances are you’ll clamber into your car and head home or to the gym first. Now, what does your office, gym and home all have in common?

They’re all stuffy indoor environments!

We spend 90% of our time indoors…

So that’s perennial exposure to pollutants that are considerably decreasing your quality of life.

I know what it feels like. Allow me to show you what this air cleaning course did for me. How it rid my allergies better than anything prior.

I’ll be your test subject

I’ve been a life-long eczema sufferer and I’m sure many of you can relate. But throughout my childhood, adolescence and early adult life, I could never bring it under control.

There were multiple flare-ups (I dare not count), doctors visits and prescription creams.

There was this one time the doctor looked at my skin and thought…

You need the extra strong stuff. After all, my hands did look like they’d been dipped in sulphuric acid.

I was prescribed Dermovate Ointment, fancily known as Clobetasol Propionate. The National Eczema Association classify it as ‘super-potent’. The strongest prescription creams for eczema you can get. And it worked…

For a while.

The ointment was fast-acting, clearing up my skin in 3 days. After I came off the treatment, slowly but surely, I would revert to a scaly mess. I went through this process of multiple doctors visits for years as a child. My parents thought enough’s enough.

We booked into a consultation with an allergist. She decided to do a patch test, attaching multiple stickers to my back. Each contained a tiny dose of a different allergen. I had to wear them permanently for 5 days, which was super uncomfortable and uncool in school.

Don’t ask me how gym class went.

Afterwards, the allergist brought me back in to examine the stickers. If any had changed colour, it would mean I was allergic to that specific allergen. Simple, right? We were given our diagnosis and a printed sheet of A4 paper showing my allergies. And oh boy, I have some truly wonderful allergies. To name a few (don’t laugh):

  • Yellow paint (of course every other colour is fine!?)
  • Green pigments in tattoos (of course every other colour is fine!?)
  • Cement
  • Chrome-tanned leather
  • 100% lambswool clothing

The list goes on and on.

Honestly, I’m not joking. I don’t think I could make that up if I tried. So what did we learn from this? That I shouldn’t take a plunge into cement? In all honesty, it didn’t give many practical steps. Actionable solutions. My parents and I figured, these things are easy to avoid:

“Just don’t get green tattoos son and you’ll be fine”.

Into my late teenage years, I was still afflicted with eczema. I got to know my doctor on a first name basis. I calculated that the average walk-time to my doctors was 17 minutes. You see, we hadn’t gotten to the root of the problem. I was being told the same thing repeatedly, being given the same drugs and instructions.

It wasn’t working.

I decided to look at my lifestyle. What was I doing daily? What I was eating, wearing, the sports I was playing, etc. Chances are, I’ll discover the trigger this way. Perhaps it was hidden in plain sight. Here’s what I discovered:

  • To stop wearing my weightlifting gloves
  • I wasn’t drinking enough water
  • I needed to significantly reduce the amount I swam
  • Say no to hot tubs (this was hard take)

To my amazement, these changes worked. Let’s look at the hot tub example, which was in my friends back garden.

Okay, with hindsight, I question the sanitary standards, but I couldn’t exactly say no. Can you imagine the insults that would be thrown my way? So you’ve probably got a mix of algae, chlorine and the incredibly warm conditions that dried out my skin. This took months to rebalance by the way.

My point is that a lot of the time you can identify what triggers your eczema, and take preventative measures by avoiding the cause as best you can.

Nevertheless, it still wasn’t the definitive solution. Sure, the frequency of skin flare-ups decreased, they weren’t quite as severe. But I was still having them. Continually feeling self-conscious about exposing my skin. My hands were the worst. No matter what I did, this was the one area that just wouldn’t clear.

It felt like something was continually lingering in the background. Then it dawned on me as I read a headline from The Guardian in 2016:

“Air pollution causes wrinkles and premature ageing, new research shows”.

WOW! I always figured it was bad for the lungs, but not your skin. If air pollution can age your skin, it can cause an allergic reaction, and much more

I was stunned because I realized I did everything under the sun except lock myself in a vacuum.

Only kidding.

All jokes aside, how was I going to escape this? It seemed like only astronauts were safe. That’s when I started diving into the literature. I read countless scientific articles on how to significantly reduce indoor the effects of indoor air pollution. To cleanse the air in my home. I must say, the results were incredible.

It’s safe to say I haven’t had any skin issues in years. After implementing the countless hours of research, I’ve reduced indoor air pollution greatly. The number one issue all along was air pollution. My doctors never gave this a single thought.

A universal elixir

I didn’t realize what profound impact having excellent air quality has on my everyday functioning. You know, it wasn’t just my skin that improved. I was more alert, experienced no nausea or lightheadedness anymore.

Then I realized this is the ultimate home remedy. I became inspired to create a course fit for the whole family. This comprehensive guide will take you from newbie to air quality specialist in no time. Your newfound knowledge will greatly increase you and your families quality of life. You’ll feel at your best, proud in the accomplishment of protecting your family from harsh pollution.

Unleash your inner air quality expert

I’ll provide you with actionable steps to hugely mitigate the effects of indoor air pollution. With the untold hours or research and a Masters in Environmental Health Sciences, I’ll tutor you all the way. Because there’s a lot to know. That doesn’t mean we need to make it difficult. How would you like to learn through:

  • Comic illustrations
  • Whiteboard animation videos
  • Infographics
  • Custom-designed images
  • Screen & voice recordings

Dare I say, I’m making this course fun!

This will not be your typical educational course. I’ve designed this for readers who don’t have a scientific background. You don’t even need high school-level biology. All you need is a willingness to implement the steps. But I already know you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

The hidden sources

What if I told you that you were burning fossil fuels in your home? You’d probably think I’m crazy. Well, chances are you’ve got scented paraffin candles in your home. Paraffin is a mix of hydrocarbons obtained by refining petroleum! Burning these candles releases harmful chemicals because they’re laced with artificial perfumes. And you release soot when you burn fossil fuels, which can deposit deep into the lungs.

I’ll show you the best natural candles, ones that will burn twice as long, release ZERO harmful chemicals or soot. More than that, I’ll show you how to easily make them at home, cheaply with a comic I designed.

What if you were to find out those plug-in air fresheners of yours are releasing dangerous VOCs, like benzene and formaldehyde? The likes of which are known human carcinogens, and probable carcinogens, respectively. These odour-masking sprays do nothing for your homes air quality. They do not deposit pollutants out of suspension.

Inhalation of harmful air pollutants

They only make matters worse. It’s no wonder the VOC content is 10 times that of outdoors.

Have you ever looked at the back of an air freshener aerosol can, only to find like two ingredients listed?

You might be thinking, how do manufacturers get away with this? I hate to break it to you, but the system we work in is severely flawed. Ironically, because we aren’t ingesting these chemicals (intentionally), manufacturers are not bound to disclose their ingredients.

Who knows what they’re using. When you see the word ‘fragrance’, it could be a combination of 1,000-2,000 chemicals. That’s the risk you’re taking with these air fresheners.

Well, I’ll show you how to make seamless replacements with natural products. And how to make your own with my favourite type of air freshener. You can even stock it and save for further uses. Heck, they smell a lot better than these synthetic fragrances anyway.

What if your cleaning chemicals are inducing watery eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, hives and nausea? But you don’t know what alternatives are out there? These chemicals evaporate at room temperature to pollute the air. Not to mention storing them in cupboards is a hazard to your children, pets and yourself.

I’ll show you how you can replace your bleach, drain unblockers, carpet fresheners and more. We won’t need any of these harmful concoctions. Besides, we just need a handful of natural ingredients.

That’s right. A small list of harmless ingredients to combat stains, kitchen countertops, drain cleaners, chopping boards. Whatever you want.

If you have a bunch of cleaning chemicals ready to be used. Fear not, I’ve created a video to clearly explain proper chemicals management. How to store, handle them and what personal protective equipment to wear. You see, I work as a health & safety specialist full time. Keeping you free from harm is what I do best.

And SO much more easily implementable information. I have 13 chapters proven to rid your home of air pollutants. Anything from pollen, dust and mould management. It’s all here. Not a drop of research was spared in creating this course for you. Without any prior knowledge, you’ll understand all you need to know to combat the effects of indoor air pollution.

Like and environmental consultant!

Except, we don’t need a college degree to implement these changes.

A reinvigorated self

How will you feel during and after completion of this course? Apart from the awesome sense of accomplishment, your positive adaptations have SO MANY health benefits.

  • Efficient breathing: we breathe without thinking but our body feels the stress of poor quality air. It can feel quite suffocating in a polluted house. But you don’t need to feel like this anymore. You can take deep, fresh breaths of air that’s easy on your heart and lungs
  • Restful sleep: you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Decreasing allergy concentrations in the bedroom can relieve nasal congestion and general stuffiness. You’ll no longer be tossing and turning. On top of that, far less chance of you developing a sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea
  • It benefits your children. Fresh indoor air will cleanse their lungs, and allow for healthier development. It will tame asthmatic cases in children, even reduce the risk of them developing it. Plus, better sleep, which is so important for children to get a long night’s sleep to reach their full potential
  • Eliminate foul odours: freshly chopped onion vs. lavender essential oils? That’s an easy one. Removing bad smells improves your mood and focus, perfect for homework, studying and if you have a home office. Plus, friends will willingly come over when the funky smell has vanished!
  • Balanced humidity: you’ll inhibit mould growth and dust mites, greatly reducing respiratory irritation. Your home will no longer be stuffy and moist, nor too dry. It will be the perfect humidity for a healthy family. And this is easy to do
  • Reduced energy bills: air pollution will clog your HVAC systems a lot quicker. Removing pollutants will allow them to run more efficiently, so your house will take less time to heat up or cool down

Not to mention the strong correlation with obesity, cancer, adverse foetal development, low birth weight, dementia, heart disease and stroke. Air pollution is likely a catalyst for all these things. The Centres for Disease Control states asthma and chronic heart problems are worse indoors. Reduce your risk from all of the above with natural home remedies for air cleansing.

We don’t need to be part of the population of people with deficient air quality. Professor William J. Calhoun, University of Texas Medical Department said:

“Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality in almost every case”

Unless you’re living in a majorly polluted city like Delhi, next to a coal-fired power plant, then I can safely say this is true.

You’ll be able to say that your houses air quality is some of the best in the country, seriously. WHO states 9 out of 10 people breathe harmful air. It’s not surprising that 44 million homes in the U.S. exceed safe dust limits and 25 million Americans have asthma. Besides, we don’t need to be part of these statistics.

Protecting your health now and for the future

What does it mean to you to have excellent air quality? To retain high energy levels throughout the day. To see your kids develop into their full potential, blossoming in a safe environment. One where they can play, study and sleep in a home that nurtures their growth.

The same goes for you too. Are your allergy symptoms worse when you go to bed or start cleaning? It will feel awesome to go to bed decongested and not sneezing every minute when you’re dusting. I know certain tasks like cooking and cleaning may seem quite benign, but they can impact your quality of life.

Carrying out these daily essentials, whilst working at home, reading, watching TV with your friends. Is it worth conducting these tasks in your optimal state? One where you feel alert and rejuvenated. You can make the most of these experiences and live life to the fullest. Therefore, don’t let the effects of indoor air pollution be the brunt of your life.

You’ll feel reassured you’ve built the foundations of a healthy, green home. Your worries will be replaced with a sense of well-being, and the satisfaction of a job well done. I know you want the best life possible for you and your family. To give your kids an understanding of the unbreakable link between humans and the environment.

Besides, we pollute the environment, and in turn, Mother Nature throws it back at us.


You’ll be educating yourself and your children, so they can go off and create healthy environments on their own. You can pass this information onto your friends and family about a grave hazard many don’t like talking about.

My environmental pledge to you

I truly believe these natural remedies will reduce the effects of indoor air pollution. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the course, I’ll fully refund you.

No questions asked.

I’ll give you 90 DAYS to file a return! I don’t know why I’m giving you so long. I guess I’m confident you’ll love the course. It gives you more than enough time to figure out if you’re serious about combating the effects of indoor air pollution.

The money you spend on a pack of scented candles pays for this course anyway! Those things are expensive nowadays. I’m offering this course for significantly less than what you’d pay for:

Bleach + twin pack of air fresheners + paraffin candles + chemical drain unblocker = dangerous potion

If you don’t like the Scottish accent used in the recording of some of the videos, you can get a refund! If you feel the colourful infographics and comics aren’t getting the point across, you’ll get your money back.

I’m optimistic though.

Because I know you see the same newspaper headlines, tweets and emails. Climate change and air pollution are real. Global warming is exacerbating the effects of indoor air pollution.

The pollen count in New England, U.S. was 8,455 in 2000. Now it’s 11,412, set to reach 18,285 by 2040. Pollen season is becoming longer and more severe. Hotter climates will intensify air pollution.

Will you be prepared?

A week’s worth of Starbucks coffee costs on average $40-$50. That’s more expensive than my course. If you were to break down the cost of my course over 365 days, you’d pay 10 pence/day. I think your health is worth a lot more than that.

How else are your going to eliminate indoor air pollution?

If you have paraffin candles, chemical air fresheners and cleaning products, do not worry. I know what it’s like to feel deceived. Tricked into thinking you’re buying safe products. But we know by now that’s far from the truth.

effects of indoor air pollution

These chemical manufacturers may not like I’m publishing this course. They may feel afraid they’re being exposed because people are no longer buying into their guarantees. We are continually discovering more about the effects of indoor air pollution and its various household sources.

These advancements have only been made in the last few years. We knew so little about the air inside, where we spend the vast majority of our lives. But now it’s coming to light. We can analyse air pollutants like never before. We are now seeing how it adversely affects us. That furnished homes and electronics give off hundreds of chemicals.

This course may be taken down.

So I’m offering it for a limited time only at this price. Chemical manufacturing companies wouldn’t want to catch wind of this.


Because it would affect their profits. It’s the same with pharmaceutical industries. There are so many grey areas and loopholes when drug trials are published. Doctors and patients are continually left in the dark whilst the pharmaceutical industry spends double on marketing compared to research & development.

Well, it’s A LOT worse for household products in the chemicals industry. It’s completely legal for chemical manufacturers to hide most of their ingredients.

And right now the government won’t do much to help. We do not have regulations for indoor air. Sure, we have them for outdoors, but that means diddly-squat for our home environment. Regulations for outdoors have been around for decades, but what about indoor air? The Clean Air Act was introduced in 1963 & 1956 in the U.S. & U.K., respectively.

I hate to break it to you, but we’re on our own.

It’s the responsibility of the homeowner ONLY. These acts don’t regulate indoor air. Modern civilization means we shut ourselves off from the natural world. Severing our relationships between plants and microbes. We’ve only made it worse by adding synthetic chemicals to our homes.

Human beings, by our mere existence, pollute the air. We breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, isoprene and acetone. We increase the moisture content in our homes to encourage mould growth. That’s why year-round allergens are 10-100 times higher than outdoors. We unintentionally pollute the air by simply breathing…

Polluted air kills more people than tuberculosis and malaria. WHO predicts 30% of all global diseases originate from indoor air pollution. It’s time to seriously consider what pollutants you’re introducing to your life.

The air-cleaning course will safeguard you from natural and unnatural pollutants. You know, natural sources can be just as deadly…

Radon is a radioactive gas that kills 21,000 Americans every year. It will seep up through the bedrock and into your home.

It’s the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the Western World. To non-smokers, it poses the greatest risk of developing lung cancer. But I’ll show you how to test for it and get rid of it cheaply. The procedures I teach are not daunting. A simple approach is all that’s required.

We won’t just get rid of radon.

We’ll pull out VOCs like benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, pesticides, phenols, dust, pollen, mould and many others. 10,000 litres of air enters your lungs every day. Additionally, from this day on, it won’t contain these pollutants.

Air defines your health and your quality of life. Are you staying awake at night thinking of your child’s imminent asthma attack? Clean air in your home should form part of the prevention process. This course will help guide you away from the 29 million Americans who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

We’ll make sure you’re pets are kept safe. They may suffer more than we do from the effects of indoor air pollution. But our beloved furry friends are a source of indoor pollution themselves. That doesn’t mean we need to find a new home for them. We will NEVER do this.

Instead, I’ve implemented techniques in the course where studies have demonstrated will decrease pet dander by 85%. Considering 67% of asthmatics suffer from pet allergies, it’s a must-have technique.

As the transportation industry becomes cleaner, exposure to indoor pollutants is rising.

It may have been a while since you’ve had a breath of fresh air, literally! You’ll see symptoms of poor air quality diminish. Itchy throat, hives, nasal congestion, trouble sleeping too name a few. We’ll do this through actionable steps. Simple home improvements you’d have never thought of.

I know keeping up with the kids or holding down a job is hard enough. That’s why after implementing some of the steps, they’re very passive. So you won’t be spending any more time cleaning your home. Some steps are direct substitutions. Trust me, you won’t be putting in great effort daily to create a healthy home environment. It’s simply not needed.

I know being unable to protect yourself or your children creates a sense of helplessness. How do you protect them from something you don’t fully understand? You don’t want your kids to be held back from it. Fresh air is the essential homemade medicine to prevent this.A kid feeling the effects of air pollution

That’s why this course may be taken down. If certain people get word of this they’ll do their best to stop it. They’ll want to continue selling you dangerous household products through the many loopholes of the system. Wouldn’t you rather know what you’re introducing to your home and air? I’m providing you with a complete list of resources in 13 chapters that show you everything you need.

You know, it may be you can ditch your medication after this. Sleeping pills, antihistamines etc. You may be on them because of the unhealthy air. They must be costing you a bob or two, right? All of these topical creams, nasal sprays and decongestants may be a thing of the past. IF you give this course a chance and implement the simple steps.

That’s why I’m throwing in 2 BONUS guides completely free:

#1 Sleep improvement checklist:

Fresh air will aid in sleep improvement. But many other factors contribute to a great night’s sleep. Wake up feeling your best. Sure, you’ve cleaned the air, relieved congestion, but what are you eating? What are you drinking? Find out for free.

#2 Collection of my top Quora answers & blog articles:

I love to write and I have a blog dedicated to health & wellness. I love to help people, so I extend this to answer Quora questions. Have a read of my articles that are the most praised and viewed. They’re all focused on natural home remedies and environmental health.

So take action. When you purchase this limited time offer you’ll get 13 chapters with actionable steps. PLUS the two bonus documents. You’ll have a feeling of pride and self-worth knowing you’re taking care of your family and yourself. You’ll be equipped with new skills.

This is a limited time offer, and the lowest price I’ve ever offered the course. When you click to buy, you’ll get instant access to all the materials.

P.S. there aren’t many courses out there that will provide such a comprehensive view as this. It may be the only one. And I don’t know how long for. Therefore if you want to safeguard against our biggest environmental health threat, click here.

Breathe easy,

Donald Eide

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