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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hello everyone, I'm Donald Eide, founder of the Honey Gusto wellness brand. We specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices and supplies. Our purpose is to have these devices available to everyone across the globe. We make the process simple. Nobody want's to be overwhelmed when they buy a healthcare product, whether that be an allergy test kit or an earwax removal product.

We've got you covered with user simplicity. It could be a custom-designed instructional comic, 2-D animated video or a live product demonstration. We ditched the old-fashioned black and white instruction leaflet and introduced an engaging way to learn. All our instructions are simple to understand. And trust me, they aren't boring. Rest assure that you will have a stress-free experience with our products, whilst picking up new skills and knowledge on health and well-being. You can feel proud knowing you can manage the health of yourself and your family. That's my goal for everyone who uses our products.

I wish you all the very best of health.

Welcome to Honey Gusto

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Donald Eide


Fully involved in the day-to-day runnings of the business. Everything from product sourcing to content creation. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Fully Customised Medical Devices

We work directly with manufacturers, brining forth our ideas based on customers recommendations. We improve healthcare products from the inspiration given to us by customers suggestions.

Gain the healthcare benefits you've earned at the click of a button

Our products are available on Amazon, so you'll gain access to their first class customer service. We sell on their platform for this very reason, because we know you'll be taken care of!

Just giving you a flavour for what's in store....

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep?

What if I tell you a simple device can provide a restful nights sleep? It’s as easy as that! Perhaps you are waking yourself up from snoring, your partner is or vice versa? Our medical device will give you nighttime relief.

It’s very common to have nasal congestion, particularly when you go to bed. Your nasal passages collapse and you have no option but to breathe through your mouth, increasing the chances of snoring a lot.

Finally breathe through your nose

Our sleep aid device provides a gentle expansion to the nostrils, allowing more air through and into the lungs. You will now be able to take a deep breath through your nose.

The health benefits

Breathing though your nose is better for you than mouth breathing. One reason being mouth breathing will dry your mouth and throat, which is bad for teeth and gums. This is a natural, organic treatment option that avoids you taking medication constantly, including:

1. Melatonin supplements
2. Nasal sprays
3. Decongestant tablets

All-inclusive package

Every effort has been made to ensure everything you need is in one small and light package. The sleep device comes with an A5 instruction leaflet highlighting the simplicity of the dilator, as well as aftercare information to prolong the device.

This is a multi-purpose sleep aid with a variety of uses:
1. During exercise, such as yoga or weightlifting
2. For meditation and breathing techniques
3. To combat your allergies
4. Anti-snoring

You will also get a FREE eBook with every purchase, which will include an animated video clip, with many other tips and tricks on how to get a great nights sleep!

Lab testing has been conducted to ensure the device complies with industrial regulations. The FDA has certified the silicone.

The Honey Gusto Healthcare Brand will put you to sleep, literally....