Is it time to try healthy meal prep delivery services?

Healthy meal prep delivery services via a motorcycle

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Whether you’re part of Generation Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers, we all lead busy lives. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen every week, many occupied professionals and retirees are opting for food delivery services. Specifically, BistroMD healthy meal prep delivery services. That’s right, they’re going all out and choosing to spend more money to gain their time back. 

BistroMD, founded in 2005 by Dr M.D. Caroline Cederquist, (a doctor of medicine), so they’ve been in this game for quite some time, considering it’s a relatively new industry. But home deliveries, in general, is still a pretty new system. Amazon is the first major eCommerce giant that was founded in 1994 – it isn’t that old! And people certainly weren’t having food prepared and delivered to their door back then. This is how easy it is to have ANYTHING delivered now:  

Healthy meal prep delivery services are just as easy
Image A – see how simple it is to order online these days!

What food service is best for me?

Now there are what I’d like to call ‘tiers’ to food delivery services. You might think of other subsidiaries, but these would be the main ones: 

  • Snack delivery – this would be the likes of Graze, which by the way, has done very well since it’s inception in 2012. They’ve even expended in supermarkets and the USA. If you want dried fruits and nuts, I highly recommend it. For example, they do a $14.99 variety box where you get 8 healthy snacks, which I think is pretty good value! Then there’s, owned by Alibaba, that deliver freshly brewed coffee to you and your pals in China
  • Individual meals – the likes of Deliveroo, which was only founded in 2013, offer great quality meals from restaurants; anything from Nando’s to Wagamama’s. You get one-off healthy meals delivered on a Friday night
  • Recipe box/meal delivery kits – an example would be Blue Apron, where you pre-order your ingredients for the week. They arrive all separated into individual meals, with direct instructions on how to cook each. All the food is included, but you’ll cook it yourself
  • Meal prepping services – this is where BistroMD comes in. The food is cooked and ready to go. Most of the meals just require heating in the microwave. At the very worst, you may have to toast a panini. They’ll typically come delivered like this:
Example of healthy meal prep delivery services
Image B – typical ready-made meals that just require microwaving

The rise of home delivery services 

Online shopping is huge nowadays thanks to great logistic service providers in the last couple of decades. And grocery shopping was part of these plans. Sally Cairns wrote a paper on it back in 1996: ‘Delivering alternatives: Successes and failures of home delivery services for food shopping’. 

Its rapid rise in popularity is thanks to economic viability, reliability and flexibility in delivery destinations. No doubt, you can have meals delivered to your office, but I’ve always had them delivered to my home. Besides, delivery times are flexible, simplicity of use online and a trusted courier. It’s never been easier to purchase a product online. 

You won’t be home? 

That’s okay. Just have items delivered to your nearest pickup/dropoff shop or APS: automated pack stations, such as the Amazon lockers. Of course, you can’t do this with food, unless the local corner shop has an extra-large fridge! But it goes even further than this. Some companies are trialling crowd delivery. It’s kind of like an Uber for food and other products deliveries. People can use their car, get a notification on an app and deliver the product. You no longer need to be a UPS driver to deliver parcels…

But this type of programme is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, you can see how local businesses, including food stores, could use this in the future. Deliveroo works similarly. 

Many restaurants took a hit back in the 2008 recession, unsurprisingly. And even more so today with the rise of video-streaming services like Netflix. You can have your food and movie without leaving your home! Admittedly, I do love the cinema, but it is expensive…

And it’s so handy because obviously supermarkets cannot provide this service. Sure, they can deliver to your door, but the food isn’t prepped and ready to eat. Only 4% of supermarket goers have weekly home deliveries in a survey of 1033 adults. It makes sense to start using meal-prep services because we’re spending more money online anyway. Nearly half of all delivery orders are >$25. 

Is it worth the money? 

I guess you have to answer the question of ‘why are you using this service?’ For most, it’s going to be about gaining back time, whilst still eating well. A lot of people, especially busy Millenials, won’t bother loading up the supermarket cart every Saturday morning. And the single, working professional mother of 3 children has enough to deal with as is. 

That’s why BistroMD and healthy meal prep delivery services are so popular. A shift in mentality leads to dining in restaurants peaking in 1998. In general, there’s a 14% decrease in 2018 of the number of meals eaten out from its peak: 286 meals → 245 meals/year. And this trend is likely to continue. 

Okay, let’s have a look at the pricing plans of BistroMD:

Meal delivery services with a variety of pricing plans
Image C – four meals plans mean you can fit your needs easily

I honestly think if you get the full programme for 5 days of lunches and dinners during the busy working week, it’s well worth it. Because you’ll have more time to cook a little at the weekend. We can all make an effort to do this, right? Chances are, most of us can. I always feel breakfast is an easy one as it’s just porridge of eggs for myself. I don’t need that cooked for me! So the 5 days suit me. And starting at $97.46/week I think it’s a pretty good deal. 

The reason being is I don’t need to cook ANYTHING. I have enough time at the weekends to do a little shopping on a Saturday morning and prepare a couple of lunches and dinners.


I track my weekly spend in a Japanese diary called Kakeibo and found I spend £60 = $75. I have a mix of groceries delivered via Amazon Pantry and fresh produce and meat from Aldi. Personally, would I spend a little extra on delicious meals and a whopping chunk of my time back? ABSOLUTELY. If it suits your needs, a meal-prepping service is an awesome decision. 

Furthermore, it’s not a subscription. So after your first week of meals (which you get 25% off), if you don’t like it, then you won’t be billed again. There isn’t a contract. A tip I’d give you is to freeze many of the meals, so that way you could perhaps skip some delivery weeks and cook more of your own food when you have the time. The packaging says most of the meals are good frozen for 1 year, so you’ve got plenty of time. 

Potential disadvantages

I guess, one drawback could be for the environmentally conscious. Your food is all packaged to protect the perishables, so you may be adding more plastic into your life. But isn’t all of your fresh fruit and veg in supermarkets lined with plastic? You may be adding a little more plastic, but just make sure to clean out the containers and recycle them. I know you do this anyway! 

Another would be the lack of a complete health package to include through exercise regimes. We need a holistic approach to health after all. You do get an exercise plan with BistroMD but if you’re new to gym workouts, you may need some visual aids. Fitculator may be better for this as you can get a personalized meal plan and exercises with video demonstrations. Of course, you can always search for the exercises on YouTube.  

However, some of the major benefits of BistroMD are: 

  • Made by chefs so the meals taste fantastic. Chicken, rice & cheddar casserole, seafood stew, and if you a sweet tooth, high-protein dark chocolate chip crepes. You name it. 
  • No subscriptions: you can cancel or put on hold whenever you like
  • They have a members Facebook page
  • Free educational webinars and newsletters
  • Fitness experts can create workout programmes
  • A registered dietician will make a specific meal plan for you based on age gender, weight, and medical state. For example, they have programmes for diabetics and vegetarians. You can speak to them whenever you like about the programme
  • There are HUNDREDS of meals to choose from
  • You can see the menus for the week and choose what you want. It’s NOT a case of ‘you’ll get what you’re given’

The benefits of pre-prepped meals 

You’ll see from the infographic multiple steps go into losing weight. It’s not easy! But imagine how good it will feel when you accomplish your ideal, healthy weight. You’ll have achieved what so many have been unable to. Meal-prepping services will certainly aid the process. Click the link to view. 

Lose Weight Infographic

Even if you’re in good health, there are benefits to a meal-prepping service. It’s incredibly convenient as meals are delivered to your door. And before you sign up, you receive a free diet analysis, so you’re first set of meals are tailored right off the bat. As you can see from the video below, I’m in a healthy weight range but at the higher end, so I need to be careful. The healthy meal prep delivery services will be what I need to bring this score down a bit, say to around 21-22. 

When you have meal planning down to a T, it’s so much easier to control your weight. Restaurant meals are much saltier and you’ll be much less likely to reach for the bag of Cheese Puffs or a McDonalds when you’ve planned healthy meals. When you’re in the supermarket whilst hungry (never a good combo) you’re more likely to add confectionary. Avoid these temptations with healthy meal prep delivery services. Think about it, when you’re finished with a busy days work, you get home to find nothing on your fridge, apart from a jar of mayonnaise and half a cucumber. What do you do? Chances are, you’ll grab a bag of Dorito’s and phone for a Chinese takeaway. 

Your portion sizes are controlled and regimented, so you’re eating when you’re supposed to and you won’t go hungry. When you’re eating when you’re supposed to then you won’t wander off to KFC at midnight. 

Plus, good portion sizes will establish a memory of what’s ‘acceptable’ to eat. When you’re accustomed to eating excessive portions, you grow larger and this becomes the norm. Because BistroMD incorporates scientific grounding into their meals, they’ll give you healthy portion sizes and your body will adapt to what’s good. So your satiation (the point when you become full) will be at a healthy limit. The shows the size of your meals is determined by preparation, and not whilst eating, as most people will just eat what’s put in front of them. This portion may be too large and put you into a calorie surplus. Take the guesswork out with BistroMD. Studies show with meals that are pre-selected, you don’t eat excessively. 

There you have it guys. With healthy meal prep delivery services like this, all your food is carefully packaged for 1 serving, so you don’t overeat. No planning leads to overconsumption. If you only want 7 lunches/week that’s fine! It’s completely customizable to help you achieve your weight loss goals and effective time management. 

Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post: But these are all products I highly recommend. I would never post about a product/service I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


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