Indoor Air Pollution Solutions For Your Home

Indoor air pollution solutions

A surprising necessity 

You may never have thought you need indoor air pollution solutions. In fact, it surprises me when people say they think they’re safe from air pollution indoors. This is so far from the truth. But I don’t blame people for thinking like this.

Nevertheless, air pollution sources indoors are actually worse than outdoors. This is especially true if you live in the Western World. For instance, the Clean Air Act in the U.K. and U.S. has meant air pollution concentrations have been declining since the ’60s. But for outdoors ONLY. There are no regulations for indoor air pollution.

Here are some unexpected facts:

There is a lot of indoor air pollution sources
Image A – The USA isn’t the only country with this problem. It’s far worse in developing nations.

The above data doesn’t just apply to America, but the whole of the Western World and beyond. If you live in a deprived community in, say Mongolia, Africa or India, then the situation has dire consequences. Because coal is still used in these places and is cheap, people use it to cook indoors. If they don’t have coal, they’ll use dung. Both are very dirty fuel sources and releases harmful amounts of black carbon and particulate matter. The latter can be a couple of microns (millionth of a meter) across and can deposit deep into the lungs.

That’s why 4.3 million people die prematurely every year from indoor air pollution.

Identify indoor air pollution solutions 

There are a lot of unique sources of pollution, some of which are very subtle. Of course, if you have mould or are smoking cigarettes inside, it’s plain to see, as are the health effects.

Indoor air pollution origins
Image B – There are a lot of surprising sources, but some are obvious

If you look at the image and see you have many of these hazards, you’ll want to adopt the indoor air pollution solutions I set out in my guide: the Air Cleansing Course. Because there are a lot of activities that seem quite benign at face value. For example, although most candles create a lovely ambience, they contribute to indoor air pollution quite a lot. Does that mean you have to get rid of them?

Absolutely not. I’ll show you safe types and even how to easily make your own with an instructional comic. Most of the steps are about direct substitution with healthy solutions. We aren’t making major changes, such as using a HEPA filter:

It may seem like a formidable task. Rest assured, I’ll walk you through the steps you require to attain clean air. It’s a universal elixir, and without it, humans suffer from a variety of ailments: hives, nasal congestion, difficulty sleeping, bad odours to name only a few.

Implementing these steps was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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