Nasal rinse kit review. Is it truly effective?

Nasal rinse kit review
Nasal rinse kit review

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Easy-to-use rinse

I love products that are easy on the body, cheap and simple to use. Also, this nasal rinse kit by Croing is a natural home remedy. You can relieve your nasal congestion, which can genuinely hinder your quality of life, without a doctor’s visit. I love this – taking your health into your own hands, where reasonably practicable, of course. But nasal congestion is a condition where we can help ourselves – alleviate symptoms on our own. A great one like this only costs £11.99. So let’s get going with this nasal rinse kit review.

So this nasal irrigator is a tad different to the neti pot. For one, it’s made of plastic, and although you can get plastic neti pots, traditionally they’d be ceramic or metal. Plus, a neti pot is shaped like; you guessed it, a teapot….

Nasal rinse kit review
Figure A – the Croing nasal rinse kit we’re using

Okay, I much prefer this style for a nasal rinse. Don’t get me wrong, both this and the neti pot use the same saline solution, and it’s all going in the same way and out the other, so to speak…

But this nasal rinse kit is more comfortable to use. As you’ll see below, this is the head position for a neti pot rinse. You have to tilt your head to pretty much a 90 angle to where your ear is parallel with the ground. This is quite awkward and although the process only lasts for 5 minutes at most, there’s a way around it.

A nasal rinse using a neti pot
Figure B – a typical head position for using a traditional neti pot

Vs. the head position for the nasal rinse kit:

Live action shot of the nasal rinse kit
Figure C – a lot more natural, right?

This is why I prefer the plastic nasal rinse. Thus, both types get you to the final destination, it’s just the neti pot ride is a little rougher, if you know what I mean… 

Why does it work?

It’s no wonder ENT specialists recommend this. You pour the irrigation solution into your nose to gently flush out mucus. Therefore, decreasing nasal congestion and enhance breathing. You’re effectively flushing away the thick mucus containing pollen, dust, dirt, air pollutants, and many other allergens. All of which have inflammatory properties.

The nasal kit helps to moisten the nose. You see, a dry nose creates thick mucus secretions that are difficult for the nose to remove itself. Our nasal passages are lined with large numbers of micro hairs called cilia. These hair-like structures vibrate and effectively clear the mucous every 10 minutes in a healthy nose. If not, the mucous remains and increases dryness and a higher risk of infection. Nasal rinsing helps to moisten the nose and aid the cilia.

So why the salt? It’s needed to match the concentration of salt in our bodies. We’ve got a concentration of sodium chloride (table salt) equivalent to that of seawater, which is exactly what you’re creating in the nasal rinse. In other words, the nasal solution is isotonic to our bodies, replenishing any salt lost in the flushing process. You know, if you just use water, it would get pulled into our tissues and increase stuffiness. The salt is an essential element.

Comic illustration

You’ll see in our process we’ve just used the salt sachet packs. The Croing nasal rinse kit comes with 80 sachets, so that’s 80 uses, which is great. Use one sachet per bottle and fill it up to the max 300 ml line. Thereafter, once you’ve inserted the spout into your nose and pressed the button, you’ll immediately see the solution pour out your other nostril. You may occasionally get a small amount of splashback in your throat. But don’t worry about that – it’s perfectly normal. This comic helps you see the process in action.

Top tips:

  • If you are very congested with thick mucus, try the nasal rinse immediately after a shower. The hot steam could loosen up the mucus for easier removal. Heck, there’s no danger in bringing the nasal kit into the shower with you
  • And I may be stating the obvious here, but breath through your mouth during the process. It’ll save you getting a mouthful of saltwater.
  • You must have the water at body temperature: 37 degrees Celcius. So let the boiled water cool down first. But if you got distracted for a moment, missed the boat on it and it’s too cold, give it a 10-20 second zap in the microwave
  • Just use regular table salt, but make sure it’s non-iodized. Iodine can irritate, so just read the back of the label. Essentially, the only ingredient should be salt: sodium chloride/NaCl
  • Use half the bottle for one nostril and half for the other: 150 ml per nostril.
  • Once you’ve used the 80 sachets, you can replenish them on Amazon. I recommend moving to the NeilMed Sinus Rinse sachets because they’re the best value: £16.99 for 120 sachets. That’s going to last you ages. Or, simply create your own solution and add ¼ – ½ teaspoon of non-iodized table salt instead- it’s super easy.
  • Add a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda. This acts as a buffer, making the saline rinse comfortable for even the most sensitive of noses.
  • Don’t squeeze the bottle – the Croing nasal rinse has a valve button on the bottom. So by pressing the button only, the solution is released at a comfortable flow speed
  • When taking intermittent breaks, blow your nose between rinsing
  • Keep some tissues at the ready for after the procedure. A little water may drip out an hour after the process. Again, it’s perfectly normal!

Who’s it for?

Allergy sufferers for one. This may be an all-year-round problem: hay fever in the summer and viral colds in the winter months. In addition, people with a cold or sinus infections could do with the nasal rinse kit. What’s more, there was a study surveying 330 physicians: 87% of them highly recommend a nasal rinse; 91% of which for sinus infections.

It’s safe for people of all ages, even children. Babies have their nasal passages rinsed too! However, as from my research, I’d recommend using an alternative product: a nasal aspirator. This tiny device is suitable for toddlers and even newborns.

Furthermore, Croing rinse kit is great for those with recent sinus surgery – use 4 times/day for 6 weeks. And anyone with a nasal infection, and prone to nasal dryness and runny nose.

Benefits of the nasal rinse kit

  • You could experience better taste and sense of smell. Think of what it’s like when you’re stuffed with a cold and can’t taste a thing!
  • Reduction in medication consumption. A studied looked at 400 patients, 86 of which were 5-15 years old, found a 61.2% reduction in sinus-related medication use, like nasal sprays and decongestants
  • Your congested sinuses will be no more as you remove mucus. Thus, it’s the perfect substance to trap dust pollen, chemicals, and dirt
  • Alleviate cold symptoms. Your mucus will thin out and is removed easier. As a bonus, your other symptoms like a sinus headache will be greatly reduced
  • Great for sinus infections, both chronic and acute. The thing is, medical nasal sprays don’t remove irritants and mucous as effectively
  • Snoring abatement – if you can breathe through your nose much better, then your body will naturally revert to nasal breathing. It’s far healthier for you than mouth breathing and notably decreases the chances of snoring
  • Relieve pregnancy-related congestion, which is quite common for women 

Is it safe?

Nasal irrigation is very safe, especially when you’re following the best practices detailed below. Problems can arise when you aren’t following good hygiene practices. Primarily sharing neti pots (don’t!) and using a dirty/unsuitable water source. There have been instances where people have died due to bacterial infection from water-borne pathogens from a neti pot. We can make sure this doesn’t happen with the following options:

You must use a clean water source. This is imperative. If you do this, the chances of adverse effects are so slim. Negligible. And we can easily avoid this with 2 options:

  1. Use distilled or sterilized water
  2. Boil ordinary tap water
There is a multitude of bacteria in even clean, municipal water
Figure D – water-borne bacteria reside in water and have been known to cause serious illness

It’s very safe WITH best practice

Distilled or sterilized water can probably be purchased in your local supermarket, or online like Amazon. But I’d imagine most people would opt for option 2. A simple boiling of the water and allowing it to cool to body temperature (takes 3-5 minutes) is a surefire way of eradicating harmful bacteria. The ONLY way this doesn’t work is if your municipal water source isn’t fit for purpose. So for the vast majority of people living in developed nations, this isn’t the case – if it’s safe to drink its safe for nasal irrigation. However, if you know your municipal water source isn’t safe, you’ll have to use bottles of distilled or sterilized water.

  • Think of it as a toothbrush – DO NOT share it! I know it seems like a hassle, a neti pot for each member of the family. But it’s the safest thing to do.
  • Make sure the saline solution is at body temperature. Too hot could mean burning yourself, and too cold means experiencing dizziness. Not to mention cold fluid flushing through your nose would feel kinda horrible! It’s quite a pleasant experience if you have that Goldilocks temperature: 37 degrees Celcius.
  • Clean the neti pot in warm soapy water or with a cleaning solution bought at the chemist after every use. Then leave it to air-dry.

So there you have it. For $10 I don’t see how you can beat the results. Moreover, it’s such a cost-effective solution that can work in tandem with your nasal prescriptions, or even be a natural substitute (please consult your physician first). You’ll have better results with nasal sprays if you clean the passages first with the saline rinse kit. Otherwise, the mucous will just trap the medication and have minimal effect.

Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this nasal rinse kit review post: But these are all products I highly recommend. I would never post about a product/service I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Nasal irrigation checklist

All you need to cleanse your nasal passages
Preview imageProduct nameDescriptionPricePurchase on Amazon
Nasal rinse kit sinus issuesCroing nasal kit 300 mlA natural method to flush out mucous and irritants from your nose that cause inflammation. See if it works better than nasal sprays...£11.99Amazon logo on a white background.
Sinus rinse kit sachets NeilMed replacement sachets (x120)Although the nasal rinse kit comes with 80 sachets, which will last a while, this is your next best offering when it comes to replacing them.£16.99Amazon logo on a white background.
Nasal aspirator for babiesNosefrida baby aspirator A nasal rinse kit isn't suitable or gentle enough for a babies nose. This process is recommended by physicians to wash mucous from infants aged 0-3 years old.£7.72Amazon logo on a white background.


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