Questions on plastic pollution crises

Questions on plastic pollution

Questions on plastic pollution

Give this quiz a go to test your knowledge on the current state of the plastic pollution problem. You’ll also get a free ebook at the end of the quiz. Don’t worry, you’re ebook prize isn’t dependant on you’re score! And you can retry the questions as many times as you like.

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In what year were microbeads banned from cosmetic products in the UK?

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This applies to both the production and sale of microbeads across the UK. Other countries like the USA implemented earlier with the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015.

What are the top 5 countries contributing to marine plastic pollution?

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All 5 countries have an HDI (human development index score) of <0.8, which means they're still classed as developing. Yet they have fast-growing economies, and none of them is landlocked either - they're surrounded by sea and ocean.

What is the name given to the largest floating island of plastic in the world?

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99% of its composition is plastic, from food containers to umbrellas, gloves and so much more.

What is the name of the trademark symbol that shows manufacturers are making their recycling obligations?

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This symbol and legislation were first introduced in Germany in 1990.

Can you state the hierarchal order for waste management?

The order starts from worst to best/least preferable to most preferable
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The worst option is disposal in landfill and the best is avoiding even creating the waste in the first place: prevention

When is World Oceans Day?

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How much plastic trash enters our oceans every year?

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This mass has increased considerably because 50% of all plastic ever made has occurred in the last 15 years (as of 2020).

Wave action, sunlight and wind break down plastic into smaller pieces. What are these pieces called?

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Microplastics have been found on Mt. Everest to the deepest part of the Earths surface; the Mariana Trench.

Do plastics fill the stomach of animals, reducing the urge to eat?

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The plastics block the digestive tracks of animals, like seabirds, and tricks them into thinking they're full. Unfortunately, animals tend to starve to death.

How much of our ocean plastic is dumped by ships?

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What is the number 1 source of plastic litter in the oceans

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Cigarette butts make up 27% of all ocean plastics. That's more than plastic bags and plastic bottles, which both contribute 7% each, respectively.

How much of our plastic waste falls into the ocean from the coastline?

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80% from coastal areas and the remaining 20% is out at sea from ships.

Do plastics absorb toxic compounds like DDT?

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Microplastics can assimilate toxic compounds like PCB and DDT, which mean they persist in the environment for a long time, and through ocean currents, can be transported anywhere in the world. They make their way up the food chain in a process called biomagnification.

Questions on Plastic Pollution
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The reference material used to create the quiz can be found here.

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