Safety Razor Tips For ZERO Irritation

Safety razor tips

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The Art of Wet Shaving Course 

I’m in the process of creating a digital course on the art of wet shaving and wanted to give you a snippet of what’s in store. This is just one of the chapters where I trialled a unique alternative for an aftershave balm: tea tree oil.


Safety Razor Tips for This Shave 

So the table lists the items I used for this shave or ones I’ve used previously, but I’ll break each one down in more detail.

Shaving Item Price
Derby Shaving Blades £8.14
MUHLE Chrome Safety Razor £32.75
Edwin Jagger Badger Shaving Brush + Stand £28.05
Arko Shaving Stick x3$4.13
Natura Pur Organic Tea Tree (50 ml)£12.95

Item Breakdown 

Safety razor: There’s a reason the Muhle closed-comb razor has 298 reviews on Amazon UK alone, with a 4.4-star rating. It’s awesome. This is the only safety razor I have ever used. I’ll quite happily experiment with blades, soaps, lotions and brushes but leave me alone with this baby! The closed comb means not as much of the blade is exposed so it’s great for us with sensitive skin.

Derby razor blades: Let’s breakdown the price here of this 100 blades pack. The downside is if you buy the blades and they don’t suit your skin, you’ve got 100 blades to go through. I vouch for these blades but if you want to test the waters, it would be wise to go with a single pack of 10 blades. Wilkinson has an excellent one for you to try. Furthermore, it’s normal to get 4-5 shaves/blade.

Let’s say you wet shave 2-3 times/week, meaning you’re getting an average of 10 days out of each blade. Let’s presume 5 shaves * 100 blades = 500 shaves. The Derby 100 pack, therefore, delivers £8/500 = 0.016 pence per shave. That’s crazy: a tenth of a penny. If you’re getting 500 shaves from the pack, providing you’re shaving once/day (some guys opt for twice) and only 2-3 times/week, 500 shaves mean 1000 days, which is TWO and a HALF YEARS out of an £8 purchase.

Tweezerman shaving brush: I’ve had this brush for 5 years and it still develops a great lather. It’s made of badger hair, which is very soft so it feels great when applied to your skin. They are more expensive than the second most common type: boar hair. The latter still develops a great lather but the hairs are harder and stiffer so definitely not as luxurious. The brush cost me £35 but I’m expecting a couple more years at least from this brush!

Tea tree oil: one of the safety razor tips you weren’t expecting, right? Well, this essential oil is an excellent antiseptic and moisturizer. It has a rather pungent, almost medicinal smell. You may or may not like it but I find it quite refreshing and manly.

Kent shaving soap: branded as a sandalwood scent but it has a lot of nice ingredients like vanilla and nutmeg. Most importantly, lanolin, which is an excellent moisturizer. If you’re like me with sensitive skin, definitely give this a try. It’s initially quite costly at £18.98 but it comes with the bowl, which will last you years. Thereafter, you’ll only need to buy soap refills, which are £5-6. With my shaving frequency of twice/week, this soap will last me 7-9 months.

Safety razor tips observations

  1. I’ll start with the kent shaving soap. I let it ‘bloom’ whilst I was in the shower, which means you add a little bit of hot water to the shaving bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. The main reason for this is to develop a better lather on the brush as the soap is slightly softened. Also, the hot water produces a stronger aroma from the soap during and after shaving
  2. You’ll notice I drained the ‘bloom water’ but you may want to apply it to your face, which can act as a lubricating layer
  3. The best safety razor tips I can give you is to never shave against the grain IF you have sensitive skin. It’s just not worth it. You’ll see I only shave with and across the grain
  4. After shaving, I’m rinsing my face with hot water then immediately switching to cold water. This transition helps to seal your pores. If you have any minor shaving nicks, this should do the trick
  5. Maybe the best of the safety razor tips and my secret weapon post-shave: YuBe moisturizer. After applying the tea tree oil I proceed to apply a dime-sized amount of the cream. This is perhaps the most concentrated, glycerine-rich moisturizer I’ve ever used. So many people haven’t heard of it, but one thing is for sure, the Japanese know how to care for their skin!YuSkinASafety razor tips: YuSkinA Notice how it’s called YuskinA. This is the Japanese branding for YuBe, with the latter being what is used in the Western World. It’s the same formula and if you go through eBay, you can find shippers from Japan that are selling it super cheap. You can get a 70 g tub for around £/$10 and because it’s so concentrated, this could maybe last you a year. The one you see in the picture is 120 g, so look out for that too!

Complete shaving knowledge

That’s it, folks. A mere hint from the art of wet shaving course, where I trial different blades, soaps and balms. I’ll pass on my safety razor tips from years of using a double edge razor. Surprisingly, there is a lot you can learn if you’re just starting. It can be quite daunting when figuring out what products to use etc. I’ll give you a simple list of essential items, all of which I will trial in front of you in the video series, as well as bonus materials on grooming tips for men, sensitive skin and eczema management. I’ll let you know as soon as it launches.

Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post: But these are all products I highly recommend. I would never post about a product/service I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

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