Natural examples of skin care tips for guys

skin care tips for guys

Introduction to skin care tips for guys

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“Real men take care of their skin.”

It’s no secret that the multi-billion-dollar worldwide skincare industry is mainly aimed at women and female consumers. Generally, women care more about their appearance, their skin cleanliness, and anti-ageing tricks than men. However, men should be concerning themselves with the integrity and preservation of their skin as well.

Skin is the largest organ on your body. We all owe it to our bodies to treat them well so that longevity and healthiness may be something we can enjoy. The skincare routine – or lack thereof – that you are administering to your body right now may not only be exposing your skin to chemicals and UV rays, it may also be accelerating the ageing process and making you more susceptible to skin conditions, like dermatitis.

This is an all-encompassing self-help guide for the men out there looking to finally invest in their skin. The good news is: it’s never too late to get started.

Learn to love your skin. Let’s begin.

Beard Oil

Beard oil can do more than rejuvenate and hydrate your manly beard hairs on your face. It can be applied to freshly shaven skin as well.

As a natural oil product that is meant to be applied immediately after shaving, beard oil is absorbed by the pores and hair follicles that are open and ready for moisturizing.

Overall, beard oil can:

  • Tame fly-aways
  • Eliminate flakes (beard dandruff)
  • Shape the beard
  • Hydrate the exposed skin
  • Moisturize the face

It can even act as a natural cologne for men that prefer a subtler scent.

What about essential oils?

You can also consider using certain essential oils as their beard oil moisturizer. Safe skin care tips for guys include:

  • Bergamot: This cold-pressed oil comes from smashing the peel of the Bergamot fruit. It is an antibacterial oil that will help men fight off infections or skin conditions.
  • Cedarwood: Containing the greatest concentration of Sesquiterpenes, which helps release toxins from the body and improve circulation, cedarwood essential oil is also antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal.
  • Cinnamon: Although cinnamon is an amazing scent for those that use it, cinnamon oil is also antibacterial and anti-fungal. It can be difficult for those to use with sensitive skin types, however.
  • Tea Tree: This oil has some pretty serious stimulation effects for hair and follicles, not only helping your skin but also helping to heal any blemishes or skin irritations along the way.

Either way, hydrating exposed skin after shaving is something that will help with radiant, younger-looking flesh.

You can visit to master the long-lost art of traditional wet shaving, along with this skin care management guide.

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