Smart earwax removal for improving your health

The earwax problem that lead me to creating Honey Gusto, and smart earwax removal
What inspired me to create Honey Gusto...

Okay, I’m going to paint an ugly picture in your mind. Well, it’s not that bad, but it’s for effect. Regardless, it led to my smart earwax removal technique.

Tricky earwax

I had really clogged up ears, so much so that it lessened my hearing. My perception had decreased, and heck, I don’t think my balance was all that great either.

But I most certainly didn’t want to stick cotton swabs in my ear. Watching a couple of YouTube videos of things gone wrong will do this to you. It doesn’t end well when you have a q-tip lodged in your ear, surprisingly.

But I figured this isn’t an emergency. I don’t want to take up my doctor’s precious time. Or the patients that really need the appointment. I could be in a lot of worst situations than this!

But I was LAZY about the problem. I didn’t want to go to the doctors. So foolishly, my clogged ears went untreated for months. It was a mistake I was never going to make again.

The Uh-oh moment

So what happens?

Well, I had a nasty earache that caused a perforated eardrum when I was 17. I thought, okay, now might be a good time to go see the doc.

Yet when I went the next day, he couldn’t actually see inside my ear canal. . . .

It was so clogged with wax!

Now he did prescribe me some good painkillers, thank god. But he couldn’t determine if there was a perforation or any permanent damage to my eardrum. I was prescribed eardrops to allow the wax to ooze out. Then he could have a proper examination.

My problems were undiagnosed, for now. We had to reschedule for 10 or so days later. By that time the wax had cleared.

It was laziness on my part. I didn’t take control all those months ago to remove the problematic earwax. Now, would that have prevented the earache in the first place?

Maybe, but I can’t say for certain. What I do know is the process could have been a lot simpler. If I had just taken care of the earwax problem initially. The doctor’s job would have been easier, and we would only have needed one consultation.

Smart earwax removal

Nowadays, I am far more proactive when it comes to health and treating ailments. This does not mean I am practicing open-heart surgery on my friends. Or buying defibrillators, just in case somebodies needs shocked back to life.

What it means is taking responsibility for what you CAN control. The ailments and conditions that you can relieve for yourself and your loved ones.

I call it DIY health.

Would you like to know what medical products you can incorporate in your life? How you can save time and money on medical bills? It’s a very satisfying feeling knowing you can take care of your family.

You can have that control. I’ll show you what I found out. . . . my discoveries.

If so, then check out the rest of the blog. I’ll show you what can be done with medical devices. . . .

That’s right, how they have positively impacted my life. And how they can do the same for you. The benefits that these devices will give you. Benefits you probably didn’t know existed. Keep reading my articles to find out more.

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Hello everyone, I'm Donald Eide, founder of Honey Gusto. We specialize in the manufacturing and selling of medical devices and supplies. Our purpose is to have these devices available to everyone across the globe. We make the process simple. Nobody want's to be overwhelmed when they buy a medical product, whether that be an allergy test kit or an earwax removal product. We've got you covered with user simplicity. It could be a custom-designed instructional comic, 2-D animated video or a live product demonstration. We ditched the old-fashioned black and white instruction leaflet and introduced an engaging way to learn. All our instructions are simple to understand. And trust me, they aren't boring. You can rest assure that you will have a stress-free experience with our products, whilst picking up new skills and knowledge on health and well-being. You can feel proud knowing you can manage the health of yourself and your family. That's my goal for everyone who uses our products. I wish you all the very best of health. Donald Eide


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