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To snore or not to snore

I wanted to expand on the video (see below) to talk more about the SnoreLab app, where you can hear, measure, and track you snoring, and share the snore report, which initially I thought you could download as a CVS file.

However, this can’t be done. I thought you could email the results from your application to your mail account and open it as a CSV file and you can analyze the data to your heart’s content; share them of course with your doctor, sleep scientist and experiment with different remedies and lifestyle changes to see if it is positively influencing your sleep and reducing snoring or even eliminating it.

Now you can still email the snore report to yourself, so check out what I mean in this video:

Reasons for soring 

There could be numerous reasons for you snoring, such as an enlarged tongue, enlarged tonsils, enlarged palate, nasal congestion … that’s a very common one, sinusitis, inflammation due to allergic reactions from impure ambient air quality. As such, may have to sleep with your mouth open, which also isn’t an optimal state of breathing because overnight it will dry out your teeth and gums.

It’s much healthier to breathe through your nose. And if you suffer from bad breath in the morning, or ‘morning breath’ as it’s called, you’ll probably know why. It’s because you’ve been sleeping with your mouth open for up to seven, eight, nine hours.

Other factors are being overweight and sleeping on your back. That’s an immediate switch you can make; if you’re sleeping on your back you’re more likely to snore, so sleeping on your side can reduce snoring quite noticeably.

If you’re a male, you’re more likely to snore, if you’re older, if you smoke, and another thing could just be naturally weak muscles in your mouth. And this is where this product comes in, which I’m going to be trying out soon. And it is on ClickBank, the largest online digital products platform in the world.

They have this course where they claim to eliminate snoring and sleep apnea from just doing exercises in the comforts of your own home. With zero equipment, zero herbal remedies, you just perform the exercises. I’m not sure what they are yet. I’m leaving it as a surprise for myself and you guys, but it’s the only tool you need. You don’t need anything else. No nasal dilators, no chinstraps, just performing these exercises to strengthen the muscles.

The reason SnoreLab was created in the first place was that a man was influenced by his irritated wife. She was sick fed up with him snoring. To save the marriage he took matters into his own hands to create this application.

So yeah, you’ve identified that you’re snoring. Now we can start to implement some controls. What can you do to now mitigate this?

And there are a lot of natural options. Losing weight would be a big one, sleeping on your side, cleaning the ambient air in your house by purchasing a HEPA filter: high-efficiency particulate air filter. You can buy them on Amazon for 50, 60 bucks, and I’ve reviewed the PARTU filter previously.

Stopping smoking would be a big one. Reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption as well. Keeping yourself hydrated, having a hot bath and shower before you go to bed. And also the throat exercises from the ClickBank course.

Now sleep apnea is something slightly different. That’s only going to be diagnosed from a professional sleep study from a doctor or a sleep scientist. They’ll go into the nitty-gritty of it and measure blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and such like.

Plans with the snore report

SnoreLab isn’t going to diagnosis you with sleep apnea, nor would it be wise to rely on the app to do so. Nevertheless, if you suspect you have sleep apnea raise it with your doctor and let them listen to the audio recording from the snore report.

You can suspect you have sleep apnea and seek professional help because you can relisten to your snore report recording.  By placing your phone on your bedside cabinet, a matter of centimetres away… an arm’s length away from myself. You can hear even the faintest of noises, even on my iPhone 7. The sound quality is great to detect if/when there is no breathing, which would be a sign of sleep apnea. Even if you’re not snoring, you can still hear y breathing because your phone is beside your bedside cabinet.

Because sleep apnea is where you have this transient period as much as 30 seconds where you stop breathing; snoring is exacerbated because sleep apnea is the complete cessation of breathing. Your throat passages fully close up. So if you hear pronounced snoring and then detect no audible breathing, and all of a sudden you hear this sudden gasping for air, there’s a strong reason to suggest that you could have sleep apnea. Something that you may not realize at the time when you’re waking up constantly throughout the night due to sleep apnea, but when you analyze the data from the app, it’s a pretty credible source.

SnoreLab ease of use 

Regarding usage, you want to keep the application on, having your phone or whatever you’re using, you could use your iPad for instance, at your bedside cabinet, with the main microphone nearest to you. Ideally, don’t lock your device, however, that’s okay because you can put your phone face down with the microphone nearest to you and there’s negligible light that’s going to distract you from sleeping, if at all.

It doesn’t require internet, you can also use the app in aeroplane mode, so it’s super easy to analyze the results or simply look at the sleep score. You see the variations and the spikes in SnoreLab, which classify as quiet levels of snoring, light levels, loud, and then epic; epic being normal conversation decibel level. You can either do one of three methods for recording, as stated already in the video.

Concerning storage, a full night of recording is 20 megabytes. Now, that’s if you’re recording 7-8 hours of sleep. It’s probably something that you either want to store in iCloud or only store one or two nights of full sleep, just record samples or delete old recordings. But it will take up quite a lot of data. So I’ve set aside a folder in iCloud storage for my sleep data, in order not to clog up my hard drive and my laptop, or my phone.

If you want to download the app, the link is in the resources section. I will continue to monitor my results after the control period is finished. Thereafter, I’ll implement a weeks-worth of monitoring using the exercises in the ClickBank course.

Easy snore report analysis

Another thing you can do is add remedies. You can see in SnoreLab what remedies you’re tracking. Let’s say you have implemented a nasal dilator in your sleep regime. What you can do is select the nasal dilator icon in SnoreLab before you go to sleep, and it’s very easy to see what remedies/controls are implemented for that particular night’s sleep.

Let’s say you use the dilator and monitor that data for three, four, five days, and the snoring has abated quite considerably when you look at the app recordings. You can feel very confident you’ve selected a remedy that works. As the case for any remedy, and any factor, to know what works and what doesn’t work, you need to try it for at least a week.

Let’s say you want to, maybe, lower the decibel level and decrease your snoring frequency even more. You decide to go with a chin-strap. So you’re now pairing the chin-strap with the nasal dilator. Again, you can indicate this in the app so you know what to monitor and what to compare. But for reasons unbeknownst to most, the chin-strap isn’t working too well, and you also don’t find it particularly comfortable.

SnoreLab confirms it’s not making a difference in the snoring levels or frequency. Well, you know what? You disregard the chin-strap. Then, let’s say you also want to pair the nasal dilator with an anti-snoring mouthguard. That works a treat according to a weeks-worth of recordings, and it’s not too uncomfortable. If it works very well pairing both of them, go for it!

Do you see how it works? You can monitor various types of remedies and track it on this simple interface until you find the perfect combination. A lot of its trial and error. What works, what doesn’t work? But, the most important thing is the simple logging of the data from the various snoring recordings at your heart’s content.


SnoreLab website

Download the app

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