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Men and women experiencing dizziness

It’s kinda hard to explain, but do you ever feel that weird, dizzy and light-headed feeling abruptly consume you? It may be at work whilst at your desk, at the supermarket, playing with your kids, or even when writing an article…All of a sudden, you feel the urge to sit down or lose focus and stop what you’re doing. That’s why I thought I’d try some simple vertigo and dizziness treatment exercises at home.

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Vertigo and dizziness treatment programme

I bought this digital course for $37: ‘The Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Exercise Program’. I figured, why not. It didn’t seem like too much money given what it was claiming to do: cure vertigo and dizziness at home! 

So I’ve gone through the exercises, which are super simple, not strenuous on the body, but are they effective? Let’s take a look.

Course structure

It certainly doesn’t make you dizzy looking at the course. It’s only 23 pages and the programme goes straight into the action. Furthermore, it’s split into 4 sections:

  • Neck exercises
  • Head exercises
  • Neck & shoulder exercises
  • Tension removal exercises

The last one is meditation, where you relax your body and mind to relieve physical tension through, for example, breathing exercises. To not make this post overly long, and without giving away the whole course (not sure they’d appreciate that), I’m going to document my experiences with the neck and head exercises.

I also want to show you my apartment-setup for the exercises to show you what I’m working with, and that essentially, you can do them anywhere. Although you may get funny looks if you do them at the park.

Vertigo and dizziness neck exercises

There are 5 exercises in this section and I’ll go into the details of the 3 that I felt were most effective.

1. Calf drop 

This exercise is very similar to a calf-raise you’d do in the gym. The key difference is you aren’t moving up and down. Rather, you’re holding your calves in the downward position, and not flexing upwards at any time. I used my little red leather seat, which was okay for stability. Keep your heels pointed down with a slight bend in the knees, and hold for 3 minutes.

Calf drop for vertigo

You want to make sure you hold onto something and resembling the gym exercise, you’ll feel a burn but nothing too intense. If I can hold for 3 minutes, I’d say it’s a decent gauge that many others can too. But if you’re a little hesitant, start with 1 minute and work up.

I made sure that about half of my foot was still on the platform. I held onto the protruding part of the wall (where the light switch is) with both hands so I still felt very stable.

2. Feet on the wall 

This one took a minute or so to feel comfortable with but I progressively became more relaxed. Because my apartment is tiled, I had to put down towels as it would have been difficult on my spine if I was laying on the hard, cold floor! If you have a situp mat or a carpet that’s great too.

Towels used during vertigo and dizziness treatment

The towel at the top was for my head and the longer towel was for my back. You want to try to get your buttocks and hamstrings as close to the wall as possible. If you can get them to touch the wall, you’ve done better than me!

So your legs are up against the wall parallel with it, and pointing towards the ceiling, spread apart; you might want to take your shoes off for this one…

You want to try to point your toes towards you so they’re parallel with the ground, which I found quite hard to do. Instead, I repeated this flexing motion transiently for the total 3-5 minute hold.

3. The relaxed frog

You only need to hold this one for a minute, thankfully. I have a circular carpet in the middle of my floor (see gallery below) so I was comfortable enough with this.

The relaxed frog position

You’re touching both heels together and bringing them into your body, whilst having your arms outstretched. This was fine for me, but I can see how this could put some strain on peoples lower back.

If you experience back pain, trial with caution. You’ll also feel some burning in your groin but nothing drastic. But I’d say its best to leave this one until last as its probably the most strenuous. This is the 5th and final hold of the neck exercises, so the first 4 will warm you up to this.

I think the image (taken from the course) is a little unrealistic because I couldn’t push my legs anywhere near that far down. Maybe I’m just jealous…

As with all the sections, you’re advised to go through all the exercises from one section in a row/sequentially. The 5 neck exercises should take 21-25 minutes to complete, depending on how long you do each one for as there is a range for the various holds. Note that you don’t need to do all 4 sections of the course in one go. Rather, I’d advise you pick 1 of the 4 sections to do that day, as all 4 sections would take around 84-85 minutes to complete. It’s the last section around the breathing exercises that’s the time-consuming part. If you’re already doing a more physical workout at the gym then it’s a significant chunk of your day, so I recommend just 1 section/day.

My apartment setup for vertigo and dizziness treatment: 

Vertigo and dizziness head exercises

There are 6 exercises in this part and I’ll explain 2 of them. The good thing about all of these exercises is you can do them whilst sitting upright in a chair. All of them are designed to strengthen the neck and head muscles that support the balance system in the ears:

1. Reading out loud 

This was the least fun of all the exercises in the entire course because it was awkward. You have to read aloud for 5-10 minutes with a bottlecap between your front teeth. But then I remembered I had this fruit in my bag…

Longan used for one of the dizziness and vertigo head exercises

It’s called longan, a common fruit in SE Asia. Since I live in Singapore (at the time of writing), they’re easy to buy. This felt far more natural than a bottlecap, which I think is pretty dangerous as you run a greater risk of swallowing it. When you gently bite down on the bottlecap, it caves inwards and can spring into your mouth. It fell out once when I was talking aloud and it’s not good for your teeth.

Anyway, I found the exercise to still be beneficial in working out my jaw muscles. I would opt for something more suitable to put in your mouth like the longan. You can eat is as a reward afterwards!

2. Tongue rolling 

The simplest of all the dizziness and vertigo treatment methods. All you do is place your tongue in front of your teeth and roll it in a clockwise and in an anticlockwise motion for a minute, respectively. Just breath through your nose, sit upright and give your teeth a good cleaning.

Vertigo and dizziness treatment
Tongue rolling exercise, where you’re effectively ‘cleaning’ you’re teeth in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion

Advantages and disadvantages of the course

I’ll make sure take action on these disadvantages though, as I wouldn’t want you to be put off by them. I’ll create more content with better illustrations, even video demonstrations for complete vertigo and dizziness treatment experience.

The price seems to vary slightly, as of right now the course retails at $49.89. I still think it’s worth it since you’ll have the exercises and knowledge for life. If you want to check out the programme, click here.

Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post: https://honeygusto.com/vertigo-and-dizziness. But these are all products I highly recommend. I would never post about a product/service I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

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