Wet shaving tips and tricks for men

Shaving tips and tricks

A Baby Bottom Smooth Shave EVERY TIME

Wet shaving tips and tricks that cartridge razor manufacturers hope you never discover…

Dear Irritated Shavers,

I’m going to tell you the one activity men will perform 20,000 times in their lifetime. Spend 3,300 hours or 138 days conducting. A constant grooming essential.


The way I see it is if wet shaving is performed so frequently, a man should find it enjoyable. Make it pleasurable every time.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

But in a sign of defiance, I’m going to show you how the old-fashioned wet shaving methods rid my razor burn, forever. The flames of the traditional safety razor are still burning…

There’s nothing more show-stopping than a man comfortable in his own skin.

Not a chore

Fellas, it’s OKAY to enjoy shaving. In fact, I highly encourage it. It amazes me the number of gents who dread their morning shave. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day. Seriously. But I was once of the same mindset too.

I spent the bulk of my adolescence and teenage years with heightened anxiety. I know I’m not alone here. I’m sure a lot of you can relate, perhaps everyone at some point in their youth. So having SUPER sensitive skin, acne and eczema doesn’t help, right? I was afflicted with all of the above.

I’d also classify myself as a, particularly hairy individual, even in high school. You can call me Teen Wolf. It was no surprise I discovered the manly art of shaving at 15 years old.

Wet shaving tips and tricks

It’s not like I had a choice.

My parents left a Gillette cartridge razor on my pillowcase when I was in school. It was their subtle way of saying:

“Shave now or you’ll never have a girlfriend”

I had to give it a go.

Anything to boost my self-esteem and already-low approval rate from girls. This could be a new beginning for me. A fresh start and a fresh face.

An incompatible relationship

I thought of my first ever razor as a super macho product. My passage from boy to man. It was evident I needed to do something about those untamed whiskers. So taking ‘dangerously’ sharp platinum blades and running them across my skin was just the boost I needed.

I was ready.

Suffice to say, it didn’t go according to plan. Turns out you need a good shaving soap and a subtle touch. Neither of which I had. The first few attempts looked like I’d been crawling through thorn bushes. Not to worry though. It’ll get better right?

Well, perhaps slight improvements. By that I mean we went from severe sunburn status to moderate skin reactions to beauty products. With the occasional severe razor burn flareup, I trotted along with this ‘grooming regime’ for 3 years.

Irritated shaver

Eventually, I gave up on shaving due to the frustration I had with razor burn. Every time I shaved I wound up with razor bumps. You know how it is. My face looked like I’d broken out in a rash or had an allergic skin reaction. Or perhaps my eczema, which seemed to be everywhere else on my body, had spread to my face.

That’s the last thing I needed. I was always self-conscious of my eczema growing up. The prime areas were my feet, the inside of my arms, the back of my legs and back. All the typical spots. But at least I could conceal these body parts. My school uniform and even hoodies in a scorching summer day did an awesome job of that.

I couldn’t bear the thought of my face, on show for all to see, being red and inflamed. I decided to grow a beard and a big one at that. Would you believe me if I told you I looked like Gandalf at 19 years old?

Who’s this stranger?

I loved my newfound look. It was great I could hide my face under this bundle of fur. Some would even classify it as ‘hipster’. For once in my life, I felt people took an interest in my looks. And as vain as that sounds, at 19 years old, I didn’t care…

I would lap it up. Take the unexpected praise in my stride, newfound confidence and march on through university.

But I ran into a couple of stumbling blocks.

Firstly, beards are hard work! How can something so many require so much TLC? I found myself having to:

  1. Apply beard oil every day
  2. Moustache wax to prevent having a mouthful of hair
  3. Condition and shampoo weekly
  4. Trim my neck hair and shape the beard weekly
  5. Go for expensive beard trims once/month. Heaven forbid I did that myself. I would’ve taken a huge chunk out my beard…

I even had to comb and brush the damn thing!

Secondly, it could potentially clash with my career aspirations. Along came graduation and the hunt for professional jobs. Now I admire a good beard as much as the next person, but I grew tired of it. I forgot what I looked like underneath the hair. It did a great job at hiding my insecurities but I was ready to face them.

Besides, my career goals were working in HSE and process safety in an industry like:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil-fields
  • Chemical processing
  • Refineries

All of which can require you to wear a respirator at times and a bushy beard prevents the seal across your face. Perhaps you can relate? Maybe your dream job is in the military, deepsea diver, fireman or police force? Are you going to let some superficial hair stand in the way of your dreams?


I had no choice but to shave.

Back to square one

Freshly shaven face joke

Off came the beard. I didn’t think this through. Probably should have scaled it back rather than going in all guns blazing. I hacked away at my beard with my old electric razor before applying shaving cream for the first time in 3 years.

Here goes nothing.

It felt like going from MAN to boy in 10 minutes flat.

I couldn’t believe it. I forgot what I looked like, and although my skin was red and irritated, I felt good to be rid of the beard. Sure, my skin was SUPER inflamed (I still had the mighty touch) but I felt refreshed.

The feeling of splashing water on my cleanly-shaven appearance, or the wind in my face. I couldn’t believe the beard masked such simple pleasures for so long.

Nevertheless, the intense razor burn was as present as ever. Something needed to be done. If I was to make wet shaving part of my weekly routine, I needed to hone my skills. But no matter what I did, the STUPID plastic cartridge razor wasn’t agreeing with my skin!

Infinite blades

I never understood the need for multiblade cartridges. I went from a 27 blade (it was actually 6) to a 3 blade-razor, thinking that would help. Applying the subtlest of touches, splashed my face with warm and cold water to seal my pores afterwards.

It made a slight improvement. Nothing worth bragging about.

I did what any old desperate gent would do and went straight to Google. “Cartridge razor alternatives”, THANK YOU!

I stumbled across this article by the Washington Post, published in 2012:

“Shaving debate hasn’t resolved whether double-edge safety razor is best”

What? There is a debate? I’d NEVER heard of such a thing. But if it has safety in its name, it’s bound to be a damn sight better than cartridges, right? Then I Googled “double-edge safety razor”. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…

This primitive device was released in 1903! I might as well pluck my hairs out with seashells! How can something that’s 100 years old be better than the modern cartridge razor? This can’t solve my shaving burden. Newer is always better, right?

Oldschool methods

I thought, what the heck, lets at least see the thing in action. YouTube is the place to be for this. I searched for safety razor tutorials, and to my amazement…

There was a TONNE of content on the subject. Gents were getting in front of the camera to demonstrate the use of the safety razor. They were making it look effortless and none of them had any irritation post-shave. Freshly-shaven faces even with this oldfashioned method. Here is this new traditional shaving community I’d discovered…

I was hooked.

The process looked so therapeutic. From blooming the shaving soap to lathering with the brush and applying the cream like a painter. So like a lot of men these days, I purchased a grooming set online:

  • Mühle R89 safety razor
  • Badger shaving brush
  • Derby Extra razor blades
  • Geo F. Trumpers coconut shaving cream

I had all the tools. Now it was time to implement the countless hours of shaving videos I’d watched. Hence, who’d have thought that this grooming essential would become a hobby and a favourite pastime?

Golden safety razor blade

Wet shaving tips and tricks

I’m not new to this old school method of shaving nowadays. I’ve been doing it for 6 years. So I think its time for me to pass on my knowledge to you.

Are you struggling with:

  • Razor Burn
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Ingrown hairs
  • And lastly, Itchiness

I had the same problems. But who’d have thought a device from 1903 would solve all of the above. It can do the same for you too.

You see, I’ve tried and tested countless plastic razors, but nothing compares to the safety razor. Facial hair as hard as copper wire will be effortlessly sliced by this razor.

I’d like you to discover the joys of traditional wet shaving. So much so, I’ve gone the extra mile by creating:

  • 17 video tutorials
  • Comic illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Custom-designed images like shaving maps
  • Checklists
  • Whiteboard animation videos

But I don’t want you to be impressed by the volume of content. I want you to be impressed by the details in the content.

The thing is, the vast majority of digital products sales pitches are vague. They don’t lay out the details in the course because there’s very little substance, to begin with! I’m telling you EXACTLY what you’re getting. I’m not hiding the information, proud of what I’ve created.

Safety razor snippets

You’ll see this course laid out in the infographics and videos. There’s no better way to learn than to watch the shaving process in action. It’s hard with just text, right?

Do you struggle with perennial razor burn?

Struggle to find the effort to shave in the first place?

Do you constantly have ingrown hairs?

Well, allow me to give you some tips…

You may not be implementing the proper pre-shave preparation. You shouldn’t be shaving with coarse or dirty hair. Instead, we’ll make sure your hair is soft, clean and hydrated. The blade will glide effortlessly across your skin.

Maybe you’re developing a poor lather. This is the most crucial element of the shave. We’ll create a rich, creamy lather to provide an excellent barrier to friction and razor burn. Perhaps you’re using too much pressure. We want to remove hair, not skin, so I’ll demonstrate the exact weight of the blade.

Maybe you gave a safety razor a shot but were holding it at the wrong angle. I’ll show you how to properly hold the razor for an optimal shaving experience. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor burn with this one.

Are you using the right blades for YOUR skin? Everyone is made differently and our skin is no exception. We need a customized routine. A very aggressive blade is one suited to a very coarse, thick beard. Therefore, buy a blade suited to your skin type and that’s half the battle.

Not to worry, I have designed an infographic with a blade sharpness scale. It has 9 blade brands that I’ve personally used, detailing their aggressiveness. You can be confident you’ll make the right purchase after reviewing this. Not to mention I review the blades in the shaving videos anyway…

And the last thing you want to use is a dull blade. That’s only going to lead to tugging, razor burn and ingrown hairs. I’ll show you how to care for blades in between shaves so you’ll never have this issue. We’re aiming for a near-perfect shave every time and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable goal. This process should be pleasurable.

I have a professionally drawn shaving map that shows you the typical direction of facial hair growth. You’ll see me talking about it in the shaving videos all the time. Once you realise this, hair growth follows a very predictable path. This means you’ll avoid shaving against the grain.

I hate this.

Okay, if you’re skin is like rhinoceros hide, then go for it. But for most gents, I don’t think it’s good practice. There’s a far greater chance of you cutting yourself and causing ingrown hairs. But with the shaving map and multiple videos, you won’t have this dilemma. You’ll be shaving WITH the grain, ensuring the hair comes off effortlessly and smoothly.

Do you have really sensitive skin? And that’s the problem with those darn aerosol cans. They dispense poor quality, highly concentrated chemical-based gels. Thus, I’ll be displaying high-quality shaving soaps and creams that I personally vouch for.

Natural ingredients mean a far less chance of a skin reaction. I’m demonstrating ONLY good quality products. And I’m brutally honest in my reviews. There is one shaving soap I review in the course and I HATED it. I slammed it in the review. So find out which one it is…

I’m not affiliated with these brands. They don’t pay me a dime. I’m simply showing you the products that I feel are worth your hard-earned money. I’ve done the legwork of trialling dozens of shaving products over the years and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made.

If a product is great, I’ve made sure to give it an honourable mention. If not, well…

Let’s just say I call it like it is.

Now, this is the tip of the iceberg. Me telling you these pointers is one thing. But actually SHOWING you is another. Receive all the checklists, infographics and videos. You’ll be confident during and after the course that you can have a luxurious shaving experience every time.

Product Mania

I’ve got to say, it can be a little daunting navigating the neverending pages for men’s grooming products online. You get so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start, right? Let me tell you, I’ve been there before. Besides, I’ve trialled countless shaving creams, soaps, blades and aftershave lotions.

I can differentiate the good and the bad, for YOU. Rest assured your money won’t go to waste ‘experimenting’ with 10 different shaving products until you find the one that’s not too hot or too cold…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the processes and products. But I’ve laid out everything you need to know about wet shaving in this course so you don’t have to look elsewhere. That will also include how to disinfect your razor with rubbing alcohol. And how many passes over your skin is required to remove hair and NOT your skin.

I’ll accept nothing less than a healthy, smooth complexion for all of you. Free from irritation, redness and even infection due to dirty blades. Yes, that can happen…

Not to worry, if you implement the steps in this course, none of the above will be an issue. Also, it’s NOT difficult to do.

Shaving propaganda

It’s the clever marketing techniques of these big brands. They’ve got you thinking the more blades the better! One is enough. More than enough. Trust me. More than one blade is overkill. Let me tell you something about multi-blade razors…

Do you know what the second (third, fourth, fifth…) blade is even for? I still don’t! In all honesty, they convince people that new is better. Well, that’s not always the case…

Shaving propaganda

The novelty value means people will buy the new cartridge with X number of blades. Is it better quality? I doubt it. You see, the first blade will hook the hair, the second, third (or more) will cut too deep. So the hair is cut beneath the skin. So say hello to ingrown hairs.

All these trailing blades are doing is removing a layer of skin. The hair has already been removed by the first blade. You’re buying into the hype!

In this course, we’re mastering the art of the ONE blade razor. For that reason, we won’t have the issue of ingrown hairs.


Financial sense

We’ll get to your skin, but I’ll tell you what, you’ll save a tonne of money! Those cartridge razors are expensive.

I’ll give you an example with the blades. Bear with me, here comes a tiny bit of maths! Block out the highschool flashbacks…

It’s common to buy stacks of 100 blades for your safety razor, which costs about $8. It’s normal to get 5 shaves per blade, so that’s 500 shaves in total.

Therefore, a pack of 100 blades delivers:

$8/500 = 0.016 pence per shave. That’s crazy: less than 2 PENCE! If you’re getting 500 shaves from the pack, providing you’re shaving twice a week (which is reasonable), 500 shaves mean 1000 days. That’s TWO and a HALF YEARS out of an $8 purchase.

You’d go to a barber for a professional shave and spend $20, no problem. That’s 1,250 times the price! But with the skills you’ll master from this course, you’ll get a deluxe shave every time, on your OWN.

Do you think cartridge razors can match that?

Not a fat chance.

You could easily buy 4-5 cartridge refills for your plastic razor at $20 a pop. That’s $100/year compared to $3/year for your safety razor blades. As a result, its crazy how much money you’ll save by making the switch.

Not to mention the accompanying shaving soap or cream will last a lot longer than the aerosol gels…

Are you disgusted by the price of cartridge razors? Here’s your ticket out.

Besides, your safety razor is an investment. It’ll last you a lifetime. You may spend $50 upfront, but you will NEVER need to buy another one. It’s common for fathers and grandfathers to pass their safety razor onto their kids for the next generation to enjoy.

And saving the environment…

Sustainable option

What do you think happens to your plastic razors after you throw them in the trash? The majority of them end up in landfill, where they’ll take centuries to degrade.

Therefore, you’ll be saving a bunch of plastic razors going to landfill every year. If you’re trying to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, then a safety razor is a no-brainer. They’re plastic-free and last a lifetime!

An investment in your skin

So let me tell you what can happen after you complete this course:

You’ll be connecting with your grandfather and great grandfather. This is how they shaved: with a tried and tested method. I know they’ll be proud…

Greatly reduce your plastic waste consumption.

Secondly, ingrown hairs and razor bumps will be a thing of the past.

Moreover, shaving will be enjoyable. Something you look forward to.

For that reason, you’ll attain the closest shave possible, with a clean feel and WITHOUT the irritation.

Wet shaving tips and tricks

Shaving myths

I’ll dispell a few misconceptions for you:

  • Safety razors are redundant. That’s those clever marketing techniques at play! New is not always better. The cartridge razor has NOT replaced the safety razor. There’s a reason men have been shaving with this since 1903
  • They’re hard to use. Okay, they take a little practise, but isn’t that what this course is for? I’ll guide you through every step. One thing for sure, the safety razor is a lot easier than the cut-throat razor…
  • It takes too long. We’re aiming for a shaving ritual. When most guys adopt the safety razor as their grooming essential, no one reverts. Trust me on that one. I’ve never met a guy who’s gone from using a safety razor and ditch it for a cartridge razor. Never. Embrace the pleasures of wet shaving. Anyways, spending an extra 10 minutes in the morning is a relaxing way to start anyone’s day
  • They’re unsafe. If you ask me, 1 blade is safer than 6. Safety razors are designed to have a closed or open-comb guard. We have the engineering controls set in stone a century ago. So with the techniques in this course, you’ll master the safety razor in no time

A gentleman’s honour

What’s a freshly shaven face worth to you?

I can’t think of a better way to start my day. It’s the calm before the storm.

We all lead busy lives, so when I spend 15 minutes in the morning shaving, my mind is at ease. It’s me-time. I’m alone with my thoughts and I can plan out my day. I’m sure you’ll find the same habitual process beneficial.

Join the gentlemen’s club. A place where we take care of our skin. Where shaving is NOT a chore.

I wholeheartedly believe this course is right for you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made it this far. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, I’ll give your money back. No questions asked.

I’ll give you 90 DAYS to file a return. You’ll have plenty of time to consume the content and try out your newly developed skills. If you simply aren’t getting it, you can reach out to me any time. I’ll do my best to assist you one-to-one. If that still isn’t enough, if you request, I’ll happily refund you.

And it can be for any reason. If you don’t like my accent in the shaving videos, I say “um” or “so” a lot, or that I have a receding hairline, I’ll refund you.

I’m optimistic though. My goals are for all gents who buys this course to look forward to their shave. Every time. It’s been created by the shaver, for the shaver.

The money you spend on a 1-year supply of plastic cartridge refills pays for this course 4-times over. If you were to break down the cost of my course over 365 days, you’d pay 7 pence/day. I think the health of your skin is easily worth it. Heck, a week’s worth of Starbucks coffees is more than my course.

This course may be taken down.

So I’m offering it for a limited time only at this price. If large cartridge manufacturing brands catch the eye of this, they’ll do what it takes to protect their enormous profits. Of course, they want to continue selling you the ‘next big thing’ in cartridge razors.

But all they’re doing is adding another near-worthless blade and selling it off as something brand new. It makes no difference! They’ve been doing this since the 70s.

On the other hand, this course is offering over-the-shoulder training for a timeless design. A style of razor that revolutionized men’s grooming forever. I doubt even King C. Gillette himself would’ve imagined how impactful his safety razor would become.

Don’t be daunted about making the switch. I have ALWAYS shaved with a safety razor and I’m passing on my 6 years of knowledge and pleasures. So you won’t have to make the initial mistakes of improper form or buying the wrong shaving products. Not with this course.

This is your chance to connect with your father, grandfather and even great grandfather. Perhaps you were gifted their safety razor? But you never saw the appeal in it until now. Or you were too nervous to start. I know you’ll make them proud when you shave with it for the first time.

Equipped with an awesome new skill-set, I’m sure they’ll also be STUNNED at how quickly you picked it up!

If you’re an environmentalist, you know landfill is the WORST option for waste disposal. That’s where the plastic razors are going! You will drastically reduce your waste production. Then even a shaving soap that comes with a wooden bowl means you only need to buy soap re-fills.

Consequently, the entire traditional wet shaving process will be one of the best examples of a zero-waste lifestyle in your household.

Everything you need to learn about wet shaving is here. From pre-shave preparation, lather development, shaving brush management, safely handling your blades and a tonne of video content of the full shave. From start to finish. And SO MUCH MORE.

Why bother with the trial and error phase when you can leapfrog it to expert shaver in no time? You either stick to the wasteful, environmentally-damaging cartridge razor or make the switch to the safety razor. And this course will make the transition as smooth as possible.

You’ll be proud in your accomplishment of developing a useful new skill set. And you’ll do it quicker than you ever thought possible.

To add more value, I’m throwing in two bonus guides completely free:

#1 Sensitive skincare solutions:

I’ve been a life-long eczema sufferer, and I’ve found a way to tame it over the years. You can do the same, even eliminate it. You’ll learn of all the safe, natural remedies. Uncover the simple, skin management solutions that can greatly improve your quality of life. As a result, it’s a great accompaniment for a shaving guide

Doodle illustration about atopic dermatitis with text Dear eczema, let's break up. Allergen flower, gloves, shower, vitamins, medication, cream, healthy food. Hands with red spots. Bright colors.

#2 Collection of my top Quora answers & blog articles:

I love to write and I have a blog dedicated to health & wellness. I love to help people, so I extend this to answer Quora questions. Have a read of my articles that are the most praised and viewed. They’re all focused on natural home remedies and environmental health.

Therefore, I’m offering this complete bundle in a limited time offer you’ll see below this video. Also, there is a sleep improvement checklist bonus:

Don’t let a frizzy, untamed beard or paranoia due to shaving irritation hold you back. It could be the boost you need for your dream job or girlfriend. Click the button for instant acceptance into the gentleman’s club.

Happy shaving,

Donald Eide

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