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Wet Wipes Environmental Impact Transcription:

Okay guys, so I thought I would document for you the early development stages for my new product, which are antibacterial wet wipes, which is kind of fitting for the times right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. But, this is most certainly not a product I want to create to capitalize on anything. Right now, I see a great opportunity for me to open up a really good high-quality product that can be used year-round. It’s not a fad. Of course, right now, we have a peak demand with antibacterial wipes because of the virus, but I think that’s the case with eCommerce in general.

I mean, a lot of products, personal care, beauty products, weightlifting gear are seeing a massive spike in sales. So, this is something that’s a long-term plan for me, not just to make money on a pandemic, whatsoever. Hey, by the time this product comes out, fingers crossed, the pandemic will be over! Plus, the wet wipes environmental impact has to be next-to-nothing.

This is something I thought I would start to document. The early planning phases to show you what goes into creating a product. And why I want to have you guys at the forefront of my mind constantly when I’m thinking of creating an awesome product for you.

So, this is kind of a comparison to what I see with normal wet wipes in the market versus mine. Right now, I don’t have a specific package design yet (coming soon), but I’ll show you that when I work with my designer. So what I see right now, I want to create a kind of luxury-feel brand, I want to have some sort of nice, non-offensive scent, something that probably has moisturizing properties, and I want to be able to charge a price that’s below £10.00, just like a normal retail price, I don’t think you would distinguish between, “Well, that’s an awfully expensive brand”. I don’t want that with my antibacterial wipes.

In terms of composition, I want to make sure I go all-natural with this. I want to try 100% natural bamboo fibre. That doesn’t mean that you can flush it down the toilet, it also doesn’t mean that you can recycle it. The whole point is that your conscience is free knowing that they will biodegrade. That’s the key thing. I will start to check and maybe write on my blog because right now I don’t know if you could put them in your compost or your green waste bins. Certainly in the UK, we have it once every two weeks in my local county. We have a green waste bin, which takes all of our grass cuttings and twigs away. Perhaps you could put it in that.

It’s something I will look into to see if you can or not because otherwise, a lot of them are just polypropylene plastic microfibers which you certainly cannot recycle, and they’re certainly not biodegradable.

I want something that, with bamboo, is incredibly tough and durable because I see a lot of wet wipes that can tear, the bamboo you wouldn’t have that issue. And hopefully, we can still get something that’s non-woven so it’s still nice and soft and gentle on the skin. And then scent, quite often with these antibacterial wipes, when you have about 70% alcohol concentration, they smell quite medicinal. Maybe a bit overpowering. I still want antibacterial properties with mine. Perhaps we’ll have alcohol, perhaps not, it’s something that I’ll continue to look into, but still, I want something more subtle and a pleasant scent, something that’s not offensive, that’s not overpowering. So again, I’ll explore a variety of scents. To the best of my ability, I’ll get something that’s almost kind of universal.

And size as well, this is something that I’m still pondering over in terms of what to do, but I certainly want to be able to pack in as many wipes for you as I can. Whether or not I do one big tub and it’s a single dispenser at one time kind of like a handkerchief box. Or maybe I do a big cardboard box and I get 200 to 250 in one box. Like individual paper pockets where you can recycle the paper. Then the bamboo antibacterial wipes can be disposed of afterwards.

And the good thing about the latter is that you can take a few with you throughout the day, whereas if you have a big packet kind of like a big handkerchief box. They’re not portable and a lot of these big plastic tubs of antibacterial wipes or the Dettol ones you see.

They aren’t easy to carry around, so that’s something that I will look into. Perhaps having a big box, but you can take individual little paper packets out of them and take two or three with you for your day’s travels. So that’d be another thing I’ll look at. And the thickness of the weaves, that’s related to what I was saying with the bamboo earlier on. Something that won’t tear when you’re using them. Certainly, I’ve tried many antibacterial wipes in the past and they’re just really too thin. We want something with a nice thickness to it but still attaining that nice soft touch.

Size, I was looking at 22 to 29 centimetres. Something in that region, maybe a bit less than 29 but I looked at a normal handkerchief size and that’s about maybe, I don’t know, 18 to 20 centimetres by 18 to 20 centimetres. So I was thinking of making wipes a bit bigger than that. I want something that you could easily, comfortably wipe down your hands, your knees, your elbows, your arms, with ease. Something that’s not going to be too small where you feel like you’ll need five wipes to wipe down your whole body. So then the last point here, disinfection properties, that’s the big point, right? With an antibacterial wet wipe, you have to make sure that they provide the disinfection quality.

So, whether or not I go with rubbing alcohol guys, I’m not sure yet. Of course, in hospitals, a lot of doctors will use it constantly. Maybe after they check out from their day’s shift they’ll just use a bit of rubbing alcohol, which is great for killing bacteria, but maybe not the most hypoallergenic solution; maybe not the easiest thing to use on your skin.

And then the 2% chlorhexidine gluconate, that seems to be a particularly noticeable active ingredient wet wipes. So, perhaps incorporate both. Maybe I’ll look for natural antiseptics. Maybe some sort of essential oil or tea tree oil, but still has those germ-killing properties. Again, it’s something I’ll work on to see, can we have a more natural, sensitive skin-friendly approach or do we go with rubbing alcohol?

And perhaps mitigate any effects of the rubbing alcohol with a nice moisturizer within the wipes. Because some of these wet wipes may not have any strong antibacterial solutions. They may not use any alcohol and they may not use a potent natural solution. So I want to try and find the best disinfection solution possible so that they do what the wipes claim to do. So, that’s kind of the comparison of my future wipes with what I see on the marketplace right now.

Wet Wipes Transcription 2:

Okay. Here, I created seven key elements in this infographic that I sent to my prospective suppliers to show them exactly what I want. To have the best possible antibacterial wet wipes.

So if I start at the top here and we go around clockwise, the first one being a robust plastic clip seal so the wipes won’t dry out. It doesn’t need to be a plastic clip seal but I was thinking if I have some sort of plastic packaging that maybe contains 50 to 70 wipes. You know the kind of tape that you get where it has like an adhesive sticker where maybe you have the wipes for a few days but that sticker loses its adhesive properties. And then your wipes are exposed to the elements, they dry out, perhaps the active antiseptic in there is alcohol. That’s just going to evaporate so you’ve no longer got antibacterial wipes and you’ve no local wet wipes. You’re not getting what you paid for.

These kind of elements I find are all from you. It’s all from customer reviews, which is a gold mine to me. Excellent feedback and reviews from customers. The customer really knows best. So I scour them on Amazon or eBay to find all of the best feedback and reviews. And this was one thing that so many customers complained about. The adhesive stickers that go over the top of the packet to cover the wipes just lose their stickiness after a few days and they don’t work.

So there are two solutions to that. I either have some sort of plastic clip seal or I go with a cardboard box, and within the cardboard box, you’ve got tons of just individual paper packets where you rip the packet open and you use the wipe there and then, and you can dispose of the paper in the recycling bin and we will see what we can do with the bamboo fibre antibacterial wipe. But that’s another solution because all those paper packets are individually sealed to maintain ultimate moisture levels.

So the second point here, I want to see if I can… A bit ambitious, but… Hey, you got to try. So I thought I could maybe attain all seven of these points here, cleansing, moisturizing, antibacterial, deodorizing, soothe the skin, body cream, and antipruritic. I won’t go through each of them for time purposes but the thing with these wipes is that they’re convenient.

So deodorizing for instance. The great thing with something like this, because I’m going with a larger size wipe, something that’s maybe 22 to 24 centimetres by 24 centimetres, is they easily cover a large surface area of your body. So maybe you’re ill, just had surgery, or you have got a cast on so you cannot shower. These wipes would be an excellent substitute for the time being. They can cleanse your body, that will have antibacterial properties, that you can use under your armpits, and provide a great moisturizer for you as well. Or maybe you’re just in a rush and you can’t shower that day. You’re at the airport or something, you just quickly go into the toilet, the cubicle. You can use one of these wipes and feel refreshed.

And then the third point here, antibacterial. We’re looking at maybe rubbing alcohol, 70%. You need at least 60% alcohol concentration to have antibacterial properties when it comes to wet wipes. Whether we can attain a similar level of antiseptic properties with natural solutions like tea tree oil remains to be seen. I will continue to work with my suppliers to see if we can come up with. Some sort of a hypoallergenic solution that’s catered towards sensitive skin and see what kind of more natural remedies are out there if alcohol is deemed not to be the best solution.

But regardless of that, whether I go with alcohol or a natural antiseptic, it’s got to contain some sort of moisturizing properties as we said up here. And the seven-in-one solution here. Some sort of body cream that will make your skin feel nice and soft afterwards with vitamin E, aloe vera, and all these kind of good things. Almost like baby liquids or like in a baby moisturizer. This moisturizer should contain vitamin E, aloe vera because they’re scientifically proven to be excellent for your skin.

And then, of course, we’ve got to have eye-catching packaging. All of these packagings are just really dull. They just don’t look particularly pleasing on the eye. A lot of these other wipes look like a Mr Muscle chemical cleaner or something. We want to make something that looks genuinely nice, that you want to take the little packets out with you wherever you go. Or you can display the larger packets anywhere in your house and it will blend in just nicely. It won’t be an eyesore.

Another one is what if we… Again, if it’s a single packet it will never be an issue, but if we have larger packets with maybe 50 to 70 individual wipes in it, we need to make sure we have an actual good extraction method. It’s the worst thing ever when you try and pull one out and you accidentally take out five or six. It’s a complete waste. The alcohol will evaporate and you’ve ended up using one wipe and you’ve just wasted money.

So we’re going to make sure we have an excellent seal. They’re folded correctly like a nice Z fold so that we will only take out one wipe at any time. Without exception.

So these are the kind of elements guys. I will keep you updated from start to finish with the samples to show complete transparency for creating antibacterial wipes. All right. So I will see you in another video. Cheers.


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