Africa’s healthcare system quiz – test your knowledge

    How much does Tanzania spend on healthcare per person?

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    Around 5.6% of Tanzania's GDP is spent on improving health, which is higher than some other African nations. But for comparison, the UK spends $4000/person on healthcare.

    What percentage of the worlds HIV/AIDS cases come from Africa?

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    It's 60% of the world's total, yet they have 14% of the global population, making it the second-most populous continent. And those population numbers are set to rise further.

    What is the percentage of people in sub-Saharan Africa with access to clean water?

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    The quality of living isn't quite as good south of the Sahara. Countries like Algeria and Egypt are some of the richest African nations and a lot of residents enjoy a pretty solid living.

    What percentage of the worlds doctor's reside in Africa?

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    In some countires, it's particularly bad with Zimbabwe having only 1 doctor per 10,000 people!

    How many Tanzanian's receive antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS?

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    This is excellent progress. That means most people living with HIV can live with the virus, have a good quality of life and most of them won't die from AIDS. But there are still a whopping 1.5 million people in Tanzania with HIV/AIDS... They also have an incredibly low doctor to patient ratio: 1:30,000!

    What percentage of Africa's population is under the age of 24?

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    It makes this the worlds youngest continent. And there's a lot of amazing work invested to increase the life expectancy at birth from 54 to 61 years between 2000-2015. But still, a female Japanese lady can expect to live to 87!

    How many African countries spend $44 per capita per year on healthcare

    There are 54 countries in Africa
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    The reason for the $44 is that the WHO stated that this figure should be the minimum a country should spend. There are still a number of Sub-Saharan African countries that can't do this. There has been a lot of progress through - in 2000 there were only 15 countries.

    How much of Africa's population live in slums?

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    Coupled with Africa being a rapidly urbanizing continent, this isn't good. Having poor sanitation and a lot of people living in close quarters greatly increases the chances of communicable disease outbreaks. And this still happens in Africa - we all remember the 2014 West Africa ebola outbreak.

    How many of the malaria cases globally originate in Africa?

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    That's around 300-500 million cases per year, mostly in children under 5 years old. But the good news is 33 of the 42 malaria-epidemic countries have artemisinin-based medicine.

    If Nigeria wanted the same number of doctors/capita as the UK, how many more would they need?

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    It goes to show that Africa has a clean slate. A way to revolutionize healthcare. Because if you were to follow the UK system, to reach 700,000 trained doctors would take Nigeria 300 years!

    Africa's healthcare system quiz - test your knowledge
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