NHS Quiz: The History Timeline!

    NHS quiz: test your knowledge of the major medical breakthroughs
    A little timeline quiz of the NHS

    What year was the NHS founded?

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    The NHS formed in 1948. After WWII the government realized that healthcare shouldn't be the responsibility of the person alone or a privilege for the rich.

    Who is credited as the founder of the NHS?

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    Nye Bevan was a Welshman who pioneered the inception of the NHS. He was the UK Minister of Health between 1945-1951.

    Name the city that was the official "birthplace of the NHS"

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    The hospital was called Park Hospital, and now renamed Trafford General Hospital.

    In what year were prescription charges introduced?

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    It started at 1 shilling per prescription as a way of supporting healthcare costs. Nowadays, only England has prescription charges in place in the UK.

    Name the hospital where the first successful kidney transplant took place?

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    In 1960, the first kidney transplant took place in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary between identical twins. The first EVER successful kidney transplant was in Boston in 1954. But we're talking about the NHS here.

    Who is the first ever 'test tube' baby?

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    Louise Brown was born in 1978 via in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Oldham, England.

    When was breast screening introduced?

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    They use a mammogram to identify tumors in women's breasts, which was originally introduced as a precautionary measure for all women > 50 years old.

    When did the public smoking ban take place in Scotland?

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    If you said 2007, you'd have been right for the rest of the UK. Scotland introduced it a year earlier.

    When was the first hand transplant operation?

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    It took place in Leeds General Infirmary in 2012; amputating a defective hand and transplanting the donor hand in the same operation!

    When was the Health and Social Care Act created?

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    Health and Social Care Bill was created in 2011 and passed as an Act in 2012, creating an independent body that's detached from the government.

    NHS Quiz: The History Timeline!
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    Hope you enjoyed the quiz and learned a little something about the history of the NHS. It celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018. If you didn't get them all correct, try again!

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