Learn to self-medicate your eczema with Yu-Be skin cream

Yu-Be review for eczema
A great everyday cream without the use of cortocossterioufds

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You guys know by now that I’m all about natural home remedies. Treating your ailments by yourself, when of course it’s reasonably practicable. And the Yu-Be cream is no exception. It’s a self-medicated cream at its finest.

Japan’s best-kept secret

Ever wondered why Japanese people look way younger than they are? It’s so hard to guess their age! And if you’re like me, you normally end up 2 decades off track, and in the wrong direction…

I think it’s just best to not even ask.

Anyway, it’s because of Yu-Be!

Now, I’ve used this stuff since 2015, so for 4 years, and it’s by far the most nourishing moisturizer I’ve ever used. The best part is, you can self-medicate with it. That’s right – clinically proven to treat eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Yoshikiyo Nowatari, a Japanese pharmacist, created it back in 1957.

The creator of Yu-Be skin cream for eczema
Figure A – the man himself, Yoshikiyo Nowatari

And the Japanese kept it all to themselves for a while. How selfish, right?

I don’t blame them. Keep all the goodness to yourself!

Yu-Be skin cream has been a massive bestseller in Japan for over 60 years, and now, it’s a lot easier to get in the Western World.

What makes YuBe skin cream so nourishing?

It’s the glycerine content, which is at 40% and that’s very high, but also a good thing. Here’s what the medical professionals have to say:

“Yu-Be has been very effective on severely dry skin conditions such as eczema for many of my patients and without the continued use of topical prescription steroid medications. Daily use of this excellent barrier cream can prove to be a useful tool in the unpleasant situation of chronic, severely dry skin and eczema.” — Dr Vicki Rapaport MD – Dermatologist – Beverly Hills, CA.

So much so that my cracked cuticles vanished, which I know is a problem for many people. This vitamin-enriched medicated cream is packed with camphor as well, which forms a key part of essential oils. 

So you can see it’s dermatologically backed, with many doctors endorsing it for eczema and dermatitis. And just like me, you might find you can ditch the steroid ointments for good. 

Frequently asked questions?

You probably have quite a few, and I certainly did when I was doing my research, so here’s a fairly comprehensive list:

  • Can you use on newborns? Children can develop eczema in their first few months after birth. The formulation is very mild and perfect for their gentle skin. Many have used it for diaper rash also
  • Is it suitable for children? Yes and I wish I had this when I was a kid, but my parents didn’t even know it existed. And it’s well needed: according to the National Survey of Children’s Health, who conducted a study in 2003, found an eczema prevalence of 10.7% for children 17 and under with a diagnosis in the last 12 months: that’s 9752 kids. This study still holds true today and is one of the most thorough ever conducted, with a national sample of 102,353 children
  • Do they have a large product range? Okay, from left to right in the image below: lip balm, skin cream tube (31 ml), ultra hydration skin cream tube (31 ml), face moisturizer jar (66 ml), skin polish/face cleanser (200 ml) and body lotion (300 ml)
  • Full set of Yu-Be products for eczema and other skin conditions relief
  • Is it limited to face application? You can use anywhere on your body. But I’d say you’d specifically want to target the dry elbows, knees and heels, which you’ll find a massive difference in overnight.
  • What are the key ingredients? The stars of the show are glycerine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and camphor. Vitamin E is so important for the stabilization of cell membranes and will help in supporting skin elasticity. Then Vitamin B reduces skin pigmentation and helps in the regeneration of damaged skin
  • What products are not pictured above? There’s more. For instance, Yu-Be has got this awesome heel and elbow moisturizing sock. You’ll wake up in the morning with the softest skin ever!
  • Does it have a scent? Yes but only a mild one. I quite like it but I know quite a few people don’t. Nevertheless, the smell completely vanishes after like 30 seconds, so it’s not going to mask you’re aftershave/perfume
  • How long does it last? It depends on what you buy, but let’s take the number one bestseller: the 66 ml skin cream jar. From my own experience of a once-daily application, this will last you 3-4 months. Of course, if you start using it on other areas of your body, which is perfectly fine, expect only 1-2 months. But that’s what the body lotion is for…
  • Can you use during all seasons? Yu-Be is suitable all year round
  • Can it be used by male and females? Yes, Yu-Be is gender-neutral 

Can I use it for my eczema/dermatitis?

Absolutely. And I do want to address that dermatologists use eczema and atopic dermatitis conditions interchangeably. So Yu-Be can be used across the board. After all, they’re essentially the same thing. 

Are there any downsides?

Some would argue the price, and I agree with them. It’s not exactly cheap. The main skin cream jar (shown below) will set you back $25.00/£19.99.

The bestseller is the Yu-Be skin cream jar
Caption B – Yu-Be 66 ml skin cream jar

If you’re hesitant, what I’d recommend you do is get the free samples on their website and the smaller skin cream tube. That way, you’ve not bought a mountain of the stuff if you don’t like it. I just jumped straight in there with the skin cream jar and didn’t regret it one bit. There are so many awesome product reviews on YouTube and I read articles on how Yu-Be cleared up people’s eczema; I knew I was getting a fantastic product.

Top tip – if you so happen to be in Japan at the time, buy it there instead because it’s so cheap. It’s called YuskinA Family Medical Cream, costing only $5 over there and the volume is significantly larger! But you can still buy it online if you don’t have a trip to Japan planned.

Join the Japanese for pristine skin

As well as having an awesome Yu-Be skin treatment set, they adopt many other healthy skin practices. Things that we Westerners just don’t do. Of course, some of it will be genetics, as the Japanese have thicker skin, but it’s also practising good habits. Let’s take a look, but I will provide a deep-dive on this in a future article:

  1. Daily cleansing – the Japanese will completely remove makeup at night with a removal pad, and then proceed with a face cleanser. Typically, this is cleansing oil and an absolute classic in Japan is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. It’s rich in vitamins and is lipophilic, meaning it retains moisture and keeps toxins out
  2. Layering techniques – so once they’ve used the cleansing oil, they’ll apply a lotion AND a moisturizer. Yes, believe it or not, such products exist! Apply a Japanese original, like Shiseido Fresh Jelly Lotion before applying Yu-Be skin cream
  3. UV protection – they don’t mess around with the sun and will make sure they’re protected year-round with sunscreen 

City living & eczema

Nowadays, the vast majority of us live and/or work in major cities. And we can’t exactly hide from the air and escape pollution. However, we can put up defensive skin barriers. 

Pollution will strip the skin of natural oils so the barrier to bacteria and allergens entering underneath the skin vanishes. Furthermore, air pollution is the second biggest contributor to early ageing – UV rays being the first.

So how do you protect your skin from pollution? It seems like quite an issue nowadays in urban areas, and the figure below supports this. The NSCH 2003 study sampled all 50 states and the number you see inside each is the percentage. That is the percentage prevalence of eczema in children 17 years old or younger.

Eczema prevalence study in America in 2003
Figure C – eczema prevalence in kids from the NSCH 2003 survey

As you can see, there are a disproportionate number of red states on the east coast. A strong argument for this is there are more major cities here, more people and more environmental pollution. Now it could also be these states are a little more ‘advanced’, with more dermatology centres and GP surgeries to get an eczema diagnosis.

Anyway, the key is to provide the skin with the vitamins and minerals that have been stripped away by pollution. And Yu-Be skin cream will do just that.

Eczema is triggered when allergens enter the skin
Figure D – breakages in the skin allow allergens in, such as air pollutants

Disclaimer – it’s important to realize when you’ve got considerable pain in the skin, as it may be an infection. If you have major discomfort, please consult your doctor. The vast majority of the time it’s an easy fix. They’ll give you a topical corticosteroid emollient that’ll do the trick. In addition, if you haven’t done so before, now would be a good time to get your skin condition diagnosed. Especially if you’re visiting the doctors anyway. There are so many different types of eczema, so if your doctor confirms your condition, you’ll get the specialized skin treatment you deserve. 

A couple of final tips 

It’s crazy that 23% of adults with eczema don’t even moisturize. Us eczema sufferers have thinner skin and therefore prone to splitting. You really should put on a protective barrier with Yu-Be moisturizer. Not to mention, that’s how allergies invade the skin in the first place. The opposite of moisturized skin is dry skin and dry skin cracks. This allows allergens to move in because the natural protective barrier is gone. Once the allergens penetrate they cause an allergic reaction, leading to inflammation. And that’s what eczema is, right? It’s red, inflamed, itchy skin…

Plus, it’s important to note and remove any substances or activities that trigger your eczema. Let me give you a couple of real-life examples. So when I was 17 I purchased a pair of leather, fingerless weightlifting gloves. Oh my goodness, what a horrible idea that was…

It must have been an allergic reaction to the leather, and a combination of sweat and tight gripping of the weights. They weren’t giving my skin a chance to breathe; the allergens infiltrated and caused the entire palm of my hands to become a scaly, inflamed mess.

The second breakout was in my mate’s hot tub. Okay, with hindsight, I question the sanitary standards, but I couldn’t exactly say no. Can you imagine the insults that would be thrown my way? So you’ve probably got a mix of algae, chlorine and the incredibly warm conditions that dried out my skin. This took months to rebalance by the way.

My point is a lot of the time you can identify what’s triggered your eczema, and take preventative measures by avoiding the cause as best you can.

Doodle illustration about atopic dermatitis with text Dear eczema, let's break up. Allergen flower, gloves, shower, vitamins, medication, cream, healthy food. Hands with red spots. Bright colors.
Figure E – simple ways you can combat eczema

Please note: I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post: https://honeygusto.com/yube-cream. But these are all products I highly recommend. I would never post about a product/service I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

YuBe Skincare Products

Primarily Yu-Be products, but I threw in a couple of other moisturizers that are big in Japan. Just click the Amazon icon to be taken to the product listing.
All skin care items available on Amazon.


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